Are you ready for the 30 Plants A Week Challenge?


This challenge is for you if you're sick of all the calorie counting, dieting, restriction and overwhelm of improving your health. 

It's time to elevate your gut health, strengthen your immunity, boost your mood, alleviate stress in your body and literally take your health to a level you never knew existed!

And it's simple: Eat a Minimum of 30 Whole, Unprocessed Plant Foods in a Week. 

That's it!

To get started, download the free PDF tracker below. Print it out and start tracking! 

Post your shopping pics, meal creations, and tracker results on Instagram with the hashtag #30plantchallenge and remember to tag me @itsmichellepfile so I can support you and repost your incredible progress!

What Is The Challenge?

Each time you sit down to eat, record the plants that are part of your meal on the tracker. At the end of the week, count up the total. Then start again the following week (can you beat your score?)

Why Should I Do This?

The benefits are endless. Who doesn't want to improve their gut health, strengthen their immune system, alleviate stress in your body and SO much more?

Download The Tracker

Use the 1-page tracker to keep track of how many Plant Foods you are eating each week. At the end of the week, calculate your number and set out to beat it next week. 

Download Your Free Tracker


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