This is what my work is really about

I LOVE transformations! I’ve spent years transforming myself and now I help women transform theirs, from the inside out!

Hey there, I’m Michelle!

After 24 years of making women beautiful on the outside, I put down my hairdressing shears and decided that my true passion was helping women transform on the inside.

From successful Aveda Salon & Spa owner to a lifestyle entrepreneur I have finally found my true calling! Creating MASSIVE change in women through their health and their wealth.

I’m an adoptive Mom of one, and am completely obsessed with the life my husband and I are creating, full of taking risks, daring greatly and living life to the fullest!

6 years ago, my father was given 6 months to live, he looked me in the eyes and said “Life is TOO short not to do what you love”.

That is when I was given a choice, follow your heart towards massive change or stay the same?

I knew MY HEALTH and my family depended on me taking action!

Now I help YOU do the same!

Let me guess: You have NO time, you are looking in the mirror, hating your reflection. One more trip to the closet having “NOTHING TO WEAR” might just kill you!! You NEED to do something!

To top it off you feel completely overwhelmed with life! Mom life, work life, even social life! You have no time, and you feel LOST!

That was ME, not too long ago! Then one day I dropped the excuses, I was done with them. I wanted to be the Mom that ran the beach with her kiddo, not the Mom hiding on the sidelines!

SO I figured it out! I lost 80lbs all while fighting with PCOS! YES, ladies it can be done! I lost the weight!

And then it hit me, that wasn’t the only thing holding me back, I could run the beach—but I had NO TIME! My career had me on lockdown. I never saw my little one, ever!

So I created a plan, I took all my tips, strategies, new habits and products that had helped me, and started to share them with other women! Women who wanted MASSIVE CHANGE! Who wanted to FEEL BETTER, LOOK BETTER and have abundance in their lives!

I created a community where transformations happen every day, and you could be one of them!

Wondering How I Can Help You?