1:1 Private Coaching Experience

Apr 28, 2019

“When I grow up I want to inspire women, enrich their lives and make their days just a little bit brighter then how they started!!”

I've always felt a strong desire to help uplift women and prove to them that they are beautiful, empowered and strong!

And that’s why I am so thrilled to start offering private 1:1 Coaching sessions.

For years I’ve listened to women’s stories. As a former hairstylist of 20+ years my chair became a place where women could openly share their hearts and souls with me. 

I always felt honoured that they trusted me with their most intimate secrets, asked for my thoughts and encouraged my advice on how to navigate an emotional time in their life!

5 years ago, I had a decision to make! My career was no longer fulfilling me. I had a niggle in my heart to start something different, to change my career path, to take a leap of faith and start an online business! 

During these past 5 years I’ve found my passion in empowering women! 

I love working intimately with women, helping them face changes and challenges, finding solutions, and helping them fight through their limiting beliefs and roadblocks that hold them back!

For some this has a whole lot to do with FEAR!! Fear of failing, fear of what others will think, fear of self sabotage.

I am no stranger to FEAR, self sabotage and shame. I have done the heart work to heal and move forward in my life with confidence! I truly believe the obstacles that have been put in front of me, were specially planted so I could walk through them, and help others do the same!

If you desire an extraordinary life, a life where you start loving yourself enough to share your gifts? To really see your potential through a different lense.

I’m here to help you!

I believe every women should have confidence and feel the way she wants to feel, I believe women have so many gifts to give, stories to tell, and experiences to share that will make huge impact whether it’s just for yourself, your family or on a grander scale I want to walk through this process with you! 

We will breakdown whatever’s holding you back so you can move forward, conquering goals and making the changes that are on your heart!

If you are interested in exploring the possibility of us working together and doing the heartwork to make your dreams come true please email me @ [email protected]


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