What You Need To Know About The 4 Week Gut Protocol by Autumn Calabrese

Feb 23, 2022

Are you feeling a bit off, dealing with digestive issues like gas, constipation, inflammation or bloating, finding it hard to lose weight or your lack of energy is really starting to get you down, this program may be a great fit for you!

To help people dealing with ongoing gut issues, Beachbody Super Trainer and Nutrition Expert Autumn Calabrese has drawn on her own journey where she dealt with excruciating issues, and finally found the solution which was optimizing her own gut health. And now she's gone on to create a unique four-week nutrition program called The 4 Week Gut Protocol.

This comprehensive nutrition program is designed to help promote overall gut health, as well as isolate the most common foods and ingredients that can cause gastric distress and undermine your health and well-being.

Throughout The 4 Week Gut Protocol, Autumn will be giving you step-by-step instructional videos, weekly tips, food lists, NEW recipes, and more. Anyone with digestive issues can benefit from this program.

Through her firsthand experience and expertise, Autumn has not only put together a gut health program that works, but she’s also combined it with a new unique 4-day-a-week, no-impact fitness program called 4 Weeks for Every Body. This workout program can be done on its own but will be particularly helpful and effective while following The 4 Week Gut Protocol.


Who is the program for?

This program is for EVERYONE! 
Did you know 70% of Americans have undiagnosed food sensitivities? You don't have to be feeling your worst, have horrible gas, bloating, cramping or other symptoms to benefit from this program. This is also not about weight loss, although IF you have weight to lose, following the program can help with that.

Everyone can use some fine tuning on their nutrition that is what this is for. Yes, you can follow this program if you are Vegan, and no you don't have to adapt to a vegan lifestyle to follow this program. Autumn always provides a variety based on people's different needs and lifestyle choices.  This program is about learning YOUR body more, what feels great for you and what doesn't.

While this is a 4 week program, this is intended to be a way of life. No one wants to feel bad. And once we start feeling good or better...we won't want to go back to our old ways. The tummy will definitely let us know it doesn't feel well ;) and like they say, TRUST YOUR GUT!

How does the 4 Week Gut Protocol work, and what's included?

You’ll remove the most common foods known to cause gut issues.

• Four program videos walk you through the protocol so you can get started right away.

• Four weekly FOCUS videos educate, empower, and encourage you to keep going.

• A reintroduction video helps you add foods back in and continue to support your gut health.

• You’ll use color-coded containers along with revised food lists to get the perfect mix of nutrients while identifying potential food sensitivities.

• You’ll get 8 delicious new 4 Week Gut Protocol recipe videos plus 12 snack recipe PDFs.

• A program guide, trackers, and more help you stay committed. (All materials are digital.)

• Optional healthy supplements like Vegan Shakeology (sold with a Total-Solution Pack) and Beachbody Optimize and Revitalize (sold separately) feed your body key nutrients while helping support gut health and digestion.*

What is 4 Weeks for Every Body?

Autumn designed 4 Weeks For Every Body to go hand in hand with The 4 Week Gut Protocol. It's the perfect balance of pushing yourself, without over doing it to possibly cause your body to release endotoxins which could be harmful to the delicate balance of your gut health. In fact, moderately intense exercise has been shown to be beneficial to the growth and diversity of good gut bacteria.

Research suggests that working out can positively affect gut health and doing so during The 4 Week Gut Protocol can help enhance your results, but it’s not required...however, y'all know me, we love to move our bodies!

To avoid overtaxing the body, Autumn created the no-impact fitness program 4 Weeks for Every Body that can be done by itself or paired with The 4 Week Gut Protocol.

  • 16 workouts — 4 workouts per week for 4 weeks — all under 30 minutes (including the warm-up and cooldown!).

  • 4 optional indoor cycling rides that you can integrate with your regular workouts.

The focus is on eccentric (lengthening) exercise that leverages the benefits of time under tension to maximize results.

Every minute is purposeful and effective — and designed to complement the results you can achieve with The 4 Week Gut Protocol.

What are the 4 Weeks for Every Body workouts like, and what do you need to complete them?

  • Under 30 minutes, 4 days a week.

  • Minimal equipment-use dumbbells and a Core Ball.

  • Fora ll fitness levels. There are modifications for beginners, while advanced exercisers will definitely feel challenged.

  • INTENSITY, not impact, is what gets you results. The workouts focus on eccentric muscle contractions to optimize your time under tension, helping you get stronger, toned, and fit faster.

  • Instruction Video, workout calendar, and printable dumbbell tracker help you get maximum results. (All materials are digital.)

  • OPTIONAL: If you choose to add an extra day of movement, check out one of Autumn's 4 cycling workouts, 4 Rides For Every Body, exclusively on BODi. Beachbody On Demand Interactive has a variety of live and on-demand classes to choose from...so listen to your body and give it what it needs!


Here are some AMAZING progress updates from some of my friend who have been trailing this program for us!


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