Affirmations for the Week!

Jan 20, 2019

I believe that what you think is exactly what will happen in your life! Your thoughts become your things!

The Law of Attraction is the REAL DEAL! The more positive your thoughts, the more positive your life!
We are thinking 24/7 yes even in our sleep, we are powerfully creating our future...ever notice the last thought you have before you drift off is the thought that pops up when you wake? You will have unconsciously thought about that all night...

If it's positive and exciting AWESOME, negative and depressing...imagine that simmering for 6+ hours unconsciously while you sleep?

I think the easiest way to explain this is -- think of yourself as a magnet, and all your thoughts are tiny magnets floating around you...they come together ---the gravitational pull is there every single time....that is what you and your thoughts are like as well!

I can remember first reading about this and really finding it difficult to get my head wrapped around it...but as I kept filling myself with positive words from different books I was reading...really making an effort to change how I was thinking, having affirmations right in front of me so I could always have something positive to think....LIFE STARTED TO CHANGE!!

This is one of the practices that has helped me make SO MANY CHANGES in my life over the years...thinking about the POSITIVE OUTCOME that I desire ALWAYS...never letting the negative take hold for!!

Make sure our frequency is ALWAYS set to POSITIVE!!

Incase you are like I was and have trouble finding the positive are 5 affirmations for you to use this week!!

Write them in journal, take some lipstick and write them on your mirror...whatever, just put them on REPEAT!

Happy Monday!

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