An Adoption Story!

Feb 21, 2019

Sometimes I catch myself staring at her in disbelief… there was a REAL chance, this little monkey wouldn’t have been here driving me bananas on the daily!🙊

Those were such hard years! The years in-between.

The ones where you just don’t really know how things are going to end up.

First finding out that we wouldn’t have children naturally!
That’s tough. 

It’s a process of grieving!
You come to the realization that you’re never going to see your eyes staring back at you…you won’t ever say “you have your Grandpa’s smile” or “ “Yup, you’ve got my legs girl” (I guess we can all be grateful for that, not reproducing these bad boys is probably a blessing.)😂

Once you get through that, then it’s all about what’s next!
You have to decide.

Will you be a family or TWO…DINKS(double income no kids) as we used to joke, or will you pursue adoption.

For us it seemed to be an easy decision, adoption was something we definitely wanted to pursue…little did we know what that road would look like!!

In hindsight…thank goodness, THANK goodness you don't know what is ahead…because it can be rocky…it can be unsettling and if we had known the pain…the heartbreak, we maybe wouldn’t have ended up with this gem!!

Those few years were FULL of so much hope and excitement that often ended in too much heartbreak for any couple to endure….but we did!!
We endured!

8 years ago this month we were parenting a beautiful baby girl…we named her Brynley. We cared for her for 3 weeks…we feel in love with her.
But she was not to be our's…

That was ROUGH! We really did think that was it. We wouldn't put ourselves through that again...

We decided "DINKS" it was…we planned some travel…some future plans for just the two of us…and then something happened. 

Secretly I was still IMAGINING the BEST!! The absolute BEST outcome.
That something would happen!


And then one night while laying there awake, I got up and I received an email that changed everything!!

We timidly hoped, and waited. TRYING not to get our hopes up…trying NOT to fall in love with another babe that may not be our’s to love.

She was born, and we hoped. All we could do was close our eyes & that this time it would be different....

And it was!🙏🏻

Hopeful Momma’s I get you…I get the hope, I get the heartache, and I get the tears…I really do.




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