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How To Create A Great Call To Action Post That Converts

Jul 07, 2021

Are you asking for the sale?

No but really... are you ASKING for the sale? If you had to ask yourself the question twice, your answer is probably no. 

How many times do post on social media, thinking you are going to be flooded with messages because why wouldn't you... only to hear crickets? 

So what is missing? CALL TO ACTION POSTS.

If you're not asking for the sale, you're not going to get it.

But what happens when we start to include call to actions on our posts? I can promise you that when done consistently, you will have people reaching out to you. 

Keep reading to learn the anatomy of a great call to action post! 


This can also be the framework for your CTA's in IG stories, on a phone call etc.

1. Present your Ideal Clients Problem

Agitate it! How is she currently feeling?
What is her struggle?
What is her biggest challenge right now?


2. Bridge the Gap

She is on the edge! Her fears are saying NO I can't spend money.

How can you PROVE to her that YOU (and your product) is what will get her from her PAIN to her TRANSFORMATION?

Share how you are going to help them. What are the tools, systems and processes that ONLY you have that will get her to her ultimate goal.

(Accountability, the right makeup, shake, non toxic cleaning products, workouts, support, supplements etc.)

3. Reveal The Prize

How specifically are they going to FEEL in x amount of time with what you have helped them with?

How will they be transformed?

4. Bold Call To Action

ASK FOR THE SALE! If you've done everything else, you need to ask for the sale!

Group starts xxx message me for details…


So what CTA are you going to do today?

What are you SELLING this week?

How are you going to be a problem SOLVER for your audience, instead of just a sales person?


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