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Controlled Freedom Through Intermittent Fasting with Carol Jane

Jan 26, 2021

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In this episode of The Michelle Pfile show, you will be tuning into an awesome "riff" between my Aunt Carol and I. Through her online health and wellness business, Carol inspires mature women to live agelessly by taking care of themselves - mind, body and soul. She is the creator of "The 6 steps to ageless living" and an avid Intermittent Faster.

When Carol started Intermittent Fasting last year, I resisted it big time. I had tried it before and it was a huge fail. However after seeing her results and hearing about the changes (well beyond weightless) that were happening for her, I decided to dig in.

In this episode we discuss:
Why we both chose the Intermittent Fasting lifestyle
What this lifestyle has done for us in terms of weightless and whole health
Tips for getting started
What surprised us most in the early days
Our favourite Intermittent Fasting gurus
Why neither of us can ever imagine stopping this way of living
and more

Instagram: @caroljanewellness



Intermittent Fasting Tedx Talk with Cynthia Thurlow:


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