Cheap Talk, get out of your own Self-Talk Sink-Hole!

Jan 03, 2019

Do you have a CRITIC in your life??
Who’s is it?

Did you feel SUPER JAZZED a few days ago, you set a goal and were going to "CRUSH IT!"
You were fired up, & excited!

And already you are starting to wonder if you can do it?

Totally ME!

YUP, I am my biggest critic…what about you?

Maybe you started a new workout routine and that fire is already starting to lose it’s flame…eating healthier…you have a headache and just want pizza!!

I get you!

I set some HUGE business goals…gosh they are going to take GUTS and RELENTLESS action…today I started to DOUBT my capabilities…only 2 days in!

"The TRUTH is WHETHER we like it or not, the PERSON we hear from the most is OURSELVES!!"

It’s easy to write off negative thoughts…BUT they add up…things that happen over and over again become a habit!!

Just like GOOD habits, BAD habits like negative self talk can STICK, making you feel TOTALLY unmotivated and like a failure before you even start!

Check out my tips that have helped me overcome NEGATIVE NANCY! Who by the way always makes me feel like I’m in a POT-HOLE of NEGATIVE self-talk!

It might seem like a daunting task getting over the negativity, but these TIPS help me every time!


We often know what our triggers are, so plan for them!! I knew I was going to start doubting myself...these are BIG HUGE GOALS!! So I was resourceful as I was setting my goal!

I shared it with a few people and they are my accountability but also the people I can chat with when I am feeling less than motivated!

A COMMUNITY of pals that have your back is VITAL!


I know it sounds crazy but it works!

Instead of saying I can’t do this…you can say MICHELLE, you can friggin do this, you are CAPABLE you are SMART! GO for it!


Instead of saying “I WILL” which can sound demanding and sometimes stressful, switch to “WILL I??” 

Will I eat healthy today? DAMN STRAIGHT I WILL, because I want to feel LIGHT and HEALTHY!

Spot the difference?


The POWER of POSITIVE self talk is INCREDIBLE!! Just by telling yourself proclaiming that you will do better, that you CAN do better and that you WANT TO BE BETTER will motivate you to do just that!!

GO GIRL!! YOU can do it!


Michelle, right now you are going to focus on helping your new team members earn their first pay check.

Michelle this is how you are going to do this, by messaging them, and giving them you top tips.

Seriously this works…in anything…I often have to do it when I NEED to go make supper which I HATE…I just instruct my way through it…MOTIVATION OVERLOAD!

Will you try some of these tips??
Don’t stay in the sink-hole too long..because your dreams and goals will always be there….so might as well JUST GO FOR IT!!

Want more of my tips??

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So much love to YOU!
Michelle xx


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