My Secret TIPS {that cost a dollar} for a Gorgeous Christmas Tree

Nov 27, 2018

Did you know that I used to work in a Home Decor store?
At one point I wanted to be a Visual Merchandiser or Interior Designer.

It all started when my Mom used to own a gift and decor store, anyone remember The Feather Tick?? I loved doing the window displays, at 15 I would dream about them, how I would set them up...what they theme would be! My BEST work were the Christmas windows...however my Mom really liked those ones too...luckily the store had 2 windows!πŸ™Š

So the visual merchandising thing didn't pan out, nor did the desire to decorate other peoples house, and my Mom went on to close the business, so that high school job vanished, and I ended up pumping gas for a livingπŸ˜‚ I turned my sights to beauty...but the love of decorating has never passed!!

I still love it, and Christmas is still my fav...however right now those perfectly gorgeous themed trees I had PRE KIDDO {think ALL BLACK AND WHITE, PEACOCK theme, JEWEL TONES} every year was different, but those days are gone! And truthfully that was an expensive habit....that was back when we were DINKS. {double income no kids}😁
Now I find myself trying to figure out the balance of the TACKY TREE that the 7 year old & husband for that matter love, and what I like...

NOT AN EASY TASK....and I still look back at our tree this year and say to myself...well Christmas just literally threw up at the Pfiles...BUT I still have some GREAT TIPS to share about getting a FABULOUS tree for not a ton of investment!!
Here are my top tips for making it happen!!


Secret Tips {that will cost a dollar} for a GORGEOUS Christmas Tree! from Michelle Pfile on Vimeo.


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