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Debunking Network Marketing Misconceptions | Michelle Pfile

Debunking Network Marketing Misconceptions

Jul 25, 2022

With work from home jobs becoming more and more popular, MLM's (commonly referred to as Network Marketing companies) are on the rise. Your best friend, cousin, uncle... someone you know is selling something. And that might make your skin crawl because no industry is more misunderstood and demonized than Network Marketing.

Misconceptions, lies and completely false statements fly around the internet on the daily. 

In fact, before I joined my own Network Marketing company, my dad said these very same things.

So I am here to set the record straight. 

Today, I am debunking some of the common misconceptions about the business.


Network Marketing is a Pyramid Scheme

It is? Aren't pyramid schemes illegal? 

Just became it's the shape of a pyramid, doesn't mean it is illegal. After all, aren't most organizations structured like this? The people at the top of the company make the most money. 

In order for something to be considered an actual illegal pyramid scheme, there can be no products or services changing hands. Most Network Marketing companies have either a product, service or both that change hands from the business to the consumer. 


You Have To Hold Inventory

I hear this one a lot. In order to be successful in Network Marketing, you have to invest thousands and thousands into inventory. You will need a warehouse or a space in your home. And you will be stuck with it. 


Some companies, absolutely. But most (including mine) don't require you to hold inventory at all. Which is why it's such an inexpensive business to get into. 

The only inventory I have is my own stash of all my favourite goodies from my company! 


Network Marketing Doesn't Work

Well sure, the business won't work if you don't... but name me a job that does. At the end of the day, this is a job. And so long as you work your business, you will see success. 

This is not a get rich fast scheme. And it isn't magic. 

I have poured myself into my business and have seen the results. If you put your mind to making your Network Marketing business successful, you will succeed. It's as simple as that. 


You Can't Make Money Unless You're At The Top

Every business has a different compensation plan and each compensation plan will grow the further into the company you get.

Again, name me an organization that doesn't work like that. 

In Network Marketing, you can make money no matter what level you are in the company. Like I said above, the business works when you do. I received my very first pay cheque only a few weeks into my business and haven't looked back. 


You Have To Send 100's Of Cold Messages

You know, those messages that start with "hey girl". 


This right here is what gives Network Marketing such a bad rap because this is how people think they will succeed. I have risen to the tippy top of my Network Marketing company by NOT sending cold messages and teaching my team to do the same.

Would you ever go up to someone in the street and randomly just start selling to them? Of course not. So why would you have to do that on the internet? 

You do not... I repeat, do not have to send cold messages to strangers to succeed in Network Marketing.

I am all about authenticity and building relationships over here! 


Truth be told. This is not all of them. I could write many other posts on this same topic. 

If you are reading this post as someone who is looking for all the reasons why you shouldn't join that Network Marketing company that your heart is telling you to go for, trust me when I tell you, it's one of the most incredible opportunities you could ever have. 

Go for it. And don't look back! 

After all, you have absolutely nothing to lose!  


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