Wondering HOW I can Help you End Emotional Eating for Good?

Dec 31, 2018

ALWAYS struggling, ALWAYS dieting?
But never getting anywhere?? I COMPLETELY get you!!

If you are READY to make some changes, then help is here!

It's time to join my 6 week coaching mentorship and get ready to put an end to all of the mindless, emotional, and negative feelings you have towards yourself.

It’s time for positive change, and I am going to TEACH you how I did it!

But if you’re anything like me, you’re probably thinking:

  • YA RIGHT, another “solution” that isn’t going to work for me, I’ve tried EVERYTHING!
  • I’m not falling for this again and wasting my money!
  • I’m never going to break free from these habits, so why bother trying!
  • I’ll never get over my food binges that leave me feeling fluffy and depressed!

And I’m willing to BET, SOON you’ll be looking for the next diet VS figuring out why you’re doing this in the first place (**that was totally me).

I thought the newest diet would solve everything. But it never did.

Listen.... I get you.

Our Road Map to Success Training!

For years, I did the garbage can walk of shame where all the evidence could be found from the night before and I never thought I would get past this.

BUT I promise you, you CAN.


What does my 6 week Mentorship include?
My 6 week 2B Mindset coaching mentorship gives you a roadmap to success and a community to support you!

Things that have been a game changer for me on my journey and for all my clients!

This mentorship is focused on using the 2B Mindset Program. I'm a certified 2B Mindset Mentor which sounds super fab but the truth is, the 2B Mindset has changed EVERYTHING for me, and I know it will for you too!

Because it has worked so well for me, changed my mindset around food, completely given me FOOD FREEDOM, I just can't wait to help you!!!
Mentoring you to SUCCESS, so you can feel the same way!

In this mentorship, you can expect:

➡️To Learn The Road Map To Weight Loss Success.
➡️Be Given All The Tools I’ve Used To Make Weight Loss Super Simple.
➡️To Be Surrounded By Women Who Know Exactly How You Feel.
➡️One-On-One Support With Someone That’s Been There.
➡️Healthy FAMILY FRIENDLY, EASY and Delicious Recipes.
➡️Life-Long Strategies So You’ll Never Have Another Day ONE again.
➡️5 Community Calls That’ll Empower You For Life-Long Positive Change.

What is required from you, besides your commitment!

➡️You must either be a CLIENT of mine through Team Beachbody with a current order of Shakeology and commit to using it for the 6 weeks of the mentorship.
➡️In the EVENT that you already have a COACH through Team Beachbody(other than myself), you will be required to have the 2B Mindset Program (purchased through your existing coach) AND a fee of 79.95US/99.95CA (non-refundable) will be due at registration to Michelle Pfile for the 6 week mentorship.

I know you’re ready for change and I can't wait to help you!!❤️

Can you imagine what it will feel like in 6 weeks time to be on your way to a happier and healthier you?
My only question to you is .... do you think this would benefit you?

If the answer is YES, then please fill out this form below and I will be in touch ASAP!


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