Still PUSHING for some end of the year goals, but it’s the holidays?

Nov 23, 2020

What should you do, should you post, should you “sell”...???

Maybe you feel overwhelmed, you feel pulled to keep GOING, but is that the RIGHT thing to do? 😱🤦🏻‍♀️⁣
⁣I'll be honest. A few years ago I would have said KEEP PUSHING, but I’ve LEARNED a ton while growing my business and helping other women grow theirs (thank goodness) and I’m here to tell you that a HOLIDAY HUSTLE🎄 is ridiculous and can actually make things worse instead of better!⁣

You will not get this year back. You will not get this holiday ever again with your family, or kids! Trust me, looking back only to remember yourself freaking over your social media presence and your network marketing business is ludicrous!!⁣

If you feel that your presence on Social Media is THAT important, take a few minutes and tell your followers what you’re doing...tell them that you’re having a holiday filled with memories with your family not moments captured for social.⁣

Take some pictures throughout the holidays and post them to your stories if you think it will add some value to your audience...but ask yourself is this self serving content -- is this just justification, making YOU feel better because your posting out of habit or do you have some value to share? 🤔⁣

RELAX...Let your creative juices RECHARGE with all the goodness that this season can bring. TAKE A BREAK - our brains NEED it...just like our phones and our computers, we need to fully recharge our batteries sometimes and this can be the perfect time!⁣

Mindset is SUCH A HUGE PART of reaching all those year end goals. If you’ve been consistently sharing all year, if you have been giving value to your audience, if you’ve been DOING YOUR THING...your clients will be there for you AFTER the HOLIDAYS! A few days won’t make a difference to them...but it could change the game for you…⁣

When we get quiet...when we let our intuition and our energy recharge...MIRACLES HAPPEN!!⁣

✨Your job over this holiday season is to keep believing...sorta like we tell our kids...keep believing in the magic...same thing for you!✨⁣


Much love 💕



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