Family Vacation {harmony of the seas} 2019

Mar 31, 2019

Family Vacay 2019!!
Have you cruised before? This was our second time and let me say we had an AH-MAZING time!! 

This is the second cruise I have earned through my company and let's just say this was WAY better then last time…for several reasons! I’ll share all about that, but first let’s get to the basics:

What SHIP: Harmony of the Seas with the Royal Caribbean- Huge Ship, and SO much to do!!

There are a ton of restaurants, buffets, ice cream, water slides, flow rider…a huge slide that takes you everywhere, kids club, adult entertainment…high end shopping —-an adults only section, Starbucks and did I say Ice Cream yet?

Seriously there’s everything. The staff is exceptional and you feel so well taken care of!

Watching what you eat or totally splurging, you can do it here!! Seriously no need to get off track if you are really being mindful, and lots of ways to treat yourself too!

A couple HOT SPOTS to mention!

To my ladies that might get a chance to sneak away for some early morning quiet time (first can I suggest you do that??) 

Sure I know that sleeping in on holidays sounds awesome…BUT what about watching the sunrise on your own with a good book?? Or doing some meditation with the water splashing up against the side of the boat…seriously THAT’S AMAZING, and a GREAT way to start your day!

Head to the SOLARIUM. FLOOR 16 the absolute TOP of the ship!
You can only do this sans kiddos…so make sure you get there early and by yourself. I did this for a few mornings in a row and it MADE MY DAY and MY TRIP!!

The BOARD WALK specifically Johnny Rockets!
Want to be taken back DINER STYLE?? GO THERE!

I would highly suggest a Chocolate Malt Milk Shake with a side of Cry&Fries!(half onion rings, half fries.)

And the kiddos will LOVE the Carousel not matter how old they are!!

Water Show — Out of this world, tight roping across the ship, the dancing is so awesome! Worth the watch!
One regret, I wish we would have seen Grease!

Central Park (DECK 8) Just like what you are imagining but better!

So that takes care of the SHIP!

We had 2 excursions one was super fun and relaxed! A beach day at the Cruise Lines own island Labadee!! It was just a little piece of paradise that’s for sure!

The second day we got off at Bahamas and were whisked away to Atlantis! The day was spent on all their water slides, and kids activities. Swooshing through the aquarium and meandering down what they told me was a lazy river!

I got to be the guard of all the “stuff” bags, towels…all the lockers were taken by the time we arrived which in my mind was amazing!! I had the day on a chair by myself with my current read!
Which by the way is The Power by Rhonda Byran (so good)

Atlantis for the day would definitely be something I would consider a splurge! It’s pricey for what you get. I was so fortunate and was given a gift from Beachbody and had trip dollars to spend which covered the excursion so grateful for that!

::tips:: bring some food in with you SUPER expensive and nothing exciting. 

So what made this TRIP a bit more awesome than the last cruise we did! 

There were other kiddos on it!

A whole bunch of my team earned this trip and brought their families as well, so that made it so fun! I haven’t seen D have so much fun in a long time!

At times it was absolutely crazy (check out my stories for the day to day on that) You know when they say “girls gone wild” there were definitely a few meals that let’s just say manners and table etiquette were at a bare minimum.

But whatever…kids are happy, I’m happy!

The other reason this was just so great —-I decided it was going to be!!


Truthfully ladies..We all have a choice!

The last cruise I was on, I was suffering really bad from a depression…I was CHOOSING to not deal with the fact that I had lost my Dad and I was letting it take over my body…my experiences —-my JOY!

I’ve been working through my grief and everyday I choose joy instead of sadness, and this trip was a huge test for me! I wanted to enjoy it 100%!!

You know it’s a total game changer when you just decide…I won’t say it is easy…it’s been a long old road for me…but making a conscious effort everyday to think positive, to lead with love…to envision amazing things, relationships…to not get TRIGGERED into negative situations.

It’s made all the difference in my life. Sometimes that meant removing myself from the crowd, and other times it meant joining in and just having fun!! YOU CHOOSE!

Some of the things I’ve been using to really help me through this time in my life is reading and journalling —-letting my real feelings POUR out of me, and filling my soul with words of positivity. 

Learning how to CHOOSE MORE JOY, how to attract amazing feelings and circumstances into your life is a CONSCIOUS decision that YOU can CONTROL!!
If you are looking for someone to chat with about this….PLEASE REACH OUT!

This TRIP was a big test for me, I was determined to create some pretty FAB family memories and that we did!!

Special thanks to this AMAZING COMPANY that I have locked arms with who treated my family and SO many other families to this EPIC vacation!! 

You get that this can be YOUR LIFE TOO RIGHT??

Sure it takes GRIT, PERSEVERANCE and LOVE…but with the right mentorship from someone like me you will be enjoying something like this with me soon!


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