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How To Grow Your Social Media Following In Your Network Marketing Business

Dec 19, 2020

The age old question... how do I get more followers on Instagram? Facebook? In my Network Marketing Business?

The truth is, if you aren't expanding your audience, you don't have a business.

And if you don't have a business, you definitely will never see 6 figures. Guaranteed!

I know for some that is a tough pill to swallow. But sugar coating things doesn't help me and it sure as heck won't help you either.

So how do you get more followers in your Network Marketing business?

You have to learn how to FILL YOUR FUNNEL daily.⁣

If you have no one new to talk to, and the only people liking your pictures, posts and watching your stories are the SAME PEOPLE that ALWAYS do?...

I’m going to be honest;⁣

It means you haven’t been adding to it and haven’t learned the fundamental steps of building a successful Network Marketing Business online.

I am here to help you change that starting now!

Here are 4 things to start doing NOW to fill your funnel daily:

  1. Know and speak directly to your ideal clients every single day on social media

  2. Give your current audience the best and most amazing value. Give them a reason to return and engage daily.

  3. Be social on social media. Don't post and run. Comment back, engage with your audience. Be present to chat with those who are taking the time to engage in your content.
  4. Engage, connect, invite and follow up for an hour a day. I do 5-6 days a week and have been consistent with this behaviour for 7 years and it has served me well. Learn more about how I grew my multi 6-figure Network Marketing Business using this technique here.

It’s that simple!⁣ And if you landed here because you were frantically Google searching "how to get more followers in my business" this information is likely not new. Whether or not you act upon it us up to you... and I promise if you follow these steps, it will make ALL THE DIFFERENCE in the world.

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Michelle x


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