Get off the Roller Coaster: Emotional Eating {free quiz}

Feb 06, 2019

I just thought I loved to eat!
I’d joke, "I’m NEVER FULL — my favourite sport is CHEWING!!"😂

Turns out, put any sort of emotion in front of me and my reaction was to — EAT!! 

BINGE -- CONSUMING without thinking...all of sudden I can "wake-up" and empty wrappers and bags are all around me, sometimes hidden in the garbage's was almost like I didn't even know it was happening!
Can you relate to some of this.

You might be doing this to, or some form of it?

Are you turing to FOOD to help you COPE?

It’s called emotional eating and for years I had NO clue that I was doing it.

I mean I knew I was OVERWEIGHT, I knew I had a very hard time losing weight, but I blamed it on anything and everything {{cue PCOS, cue my family is just "BIG BONED"}} all the excuses --- until ONE DAY it dawned on me....

Trouble with NOT KNOWING that you're a stress eater is you can’t design a plan to help yourself and stop the habitual practice of always using food as your crutch!

For me things started to really become clear when my Dad was diagnosed with cancer, I remember the exact moment that my brain said -- wine, & chips…that will make you feel better…this is when I started to realize I was numbing my emotions with food! 

It's taken me several years to really figure out my emotional eating!! How to help myself and finally have strategies in place to overcome these moments that are bound to take place in my life!

The first piece of advice I can give you is really determining if this is why you can’t seem to get a handle on your health, if it's WHY you are holding onto unwanted weight?

If this is really something that's holding you back from getting to your goals…because it was mine.

So to make it easier, I created a FREE QUIZ for you to take to see if you are in fact like me, an EMOTIONAL EATER!!!

And if you are, then lets design a PLAN for you!! Let's WORK together and GET you to that HAPPY + HEALTHY vision YOU SEE yourself to be!!

You deserve to not be controlled by your unhappiness with how you FEEL right now, you deserve to be an empowered woman!!

Click Here to GRAB my FREE QUIZ!

Becoming aware of your emotional eating is the first step towards living your best life...If this helps you discover that you're an emotional eater just like me, let's chat!
Let's start the CHANGE!


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