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Goal Setting Routine For The Beginning Of Every Month | Michelle Pfile

Goal Setting Routine For The Beginning Of Every Month

Sep 05, 2022

How good does a new month feel?

A clean slate.
A fresh start.

I don't know, there is just something about a new month that always motivates the heck out of me. And this month especially because where I am from, it's also Back To School and the turn of the season.

In the business I am in, a new month also signifies a new set of goals. 

So today I am taking you through my new month routine.

Here’s what I focus on to keep myself organized, productive and excited about my health, business and happiness at the beginning of each month.


Decide the habits you are going commit to. It could be exercise, nutrition tweaks, sleep improvements, stress management techniques, or hydration. Make a list, and take action.


List your TOP 3 power moves you want to to achieve this month. Every night, create 3 to-do’s that need to be done to nail the TOP 3 before month’s end. For accountability, do them first thing in the morning before getting “busy” with anything else.


Connection is crucial. Make the time to spend with people you love or people who lift you up. Book the dates in your calendar. Commit to these people. You will thank yourself for it. But also make sure you are setting time aside to be alone. 

Take Stock

Commit to self-evaluation.

Every night ask yourself:

▪️ Was I happy?
▪️ Was I calm?
▪️ Did I make excuses?
▪️ Was I productive?
▪️ Did I get stuck in negativity, envy or resentment?
▪️ Who should I reach out to lift up?
▪️ Did I move the needle forward today?
▪️ Am I grateful in the now, but envisioning the future?

Being aware of all of these things as you are ending the day will set you up to tackle where you perhaps fell short the following day. Just like each new month is a clean slate, so is a new day. And while everyday won't be perfect, being aware of these things will only propel you forward. 


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