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Health + Wellness Mother's Day Gift Guide

May 04, 2022
Health + Wellness Mother's Day Gift Guide - Michelle Pfile

Mother's Day is this weekend and when I was asked by my husband and daughter what I wanted, my mind immediately went in a million directions.

There is the flowers, the homemade cards or an experience. Because really, when this day comes around I am just grateful that I get to celebrate it. The extra stuff is just a bonus. But I know for some... they don't get gifts at all OR in true mom fashion, don't know what they want so they ask for something they need vs. something they want. 

So this year, I am compiling all the things I have been LOVING lately and sharing them with you so when your loved ones ask you what you want this weekend you can tell them! 

Oh, and if you think this list is only about Mother's Day, you're totally wrong! Treat yourself anytime, because you deserve it! 

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1. The Original Daily Greatness Journal

2. Saje Aroma (Be) Free Matte Black Diffuser

3. Oura Ring

4. Click and Grow Indoor Garden

5. Saje Sleep Well Roller Ball

6. Saje Solace Roller Ball

7. Ninja Air Fryer

8. Primal Foods Sauces

9. Reminders Of Him by Colleen Hoover

10. Stasher Bags

11. Ease Magnesium Spray


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