Hibernating over Hustling!

Dec 20, 2018

I’m choosing HIBERNATING over HUSTLING this year!
Is anyone else NOT feeling overwhelmed this season??

BECAUSE I am just feeling SO awesome for the first time in a LONG LONG time…since Dec 21st 2016 to be exact…

This seems to be the season where we DO MORE. Shop More, Spend More, Eat More and if you are like me even WORK MORE…more more more….I will be the first to admit in years past I operated on one gear and that was GO GO GO gear! In fact my whole life has been at a fast clip…whatever I did it was a ENERGIZER BUNNY SPEED!

This year though I’m not having it…I have done a TON of work on myself, and realized, to really enjoy life you actually have to LIVE it, be IN IT ya know?

I am LUCKY, unlike the first 20+ years of my working career I’m now HOME for the holidays — quite literally … but that actually has its own set of issues, work is always here too! But I feel different this season.

I can’t wait to play all the new games that are wrapped up under the tree, there’s a few special movies on our list this weekend to snuggle up and watch….I am going to sip wine, have baileys in my coffee and just enjoy!

Here are some TIPS to help you get your HIBERNATION on!

1- Curl up with a GOOD BOOK! Get COZY…and lose yourself! 

2- Put your phone on AIRPLANE MODE and ENJOY your people!

3- Plan some coffee dates with friends and CATCH UP!

4- Get cozy, there is nothing better than fire place on, candles lit, music playing…with a tea or red wine…ahhh

5- Journal and get your GRATITUDE on!!! There is NOTHING and I mean NOTHING better than making a simple list of what you are grateful for!! Take out a pen, a notebook and just write…just keep writing…it is so therapeutic!

Put yourself at the top of your to-do list this holiday season, and I promise your 2019 self will thank you.


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