2 {freebies} I just had to SHARE!

Dec 13, 2018

Can we all just agree, the holidays are coming WAY TOO FAST!
Am I the only one that is NOT PREPARED? I know I will be, but honestly...I keep hearing from my clients that there aren't enough hours in the day to get it all done! It got me thinking....I could probably help out with a few things!

I don't know about you, but I have a few parties coming up, and I always spend SO MUCH TIME scouring recipe books, websites and magazines for some great dishes to take with me. I thought I would get a few together and share them with my clients and then I realized why not share them with you too!
You know me, these recipes are FUN, SUPER EASY...healthy-ish and family approved! 
I hope you enjoy this little Holiday Appetizers and Treats Ebook!


Speaking of time, it's not just the Holidays is it, its seems like time is the one thing none of us have enough of. Right?

This is why I am SO excited about the program I keep chatting about! The program that I have been lucky enough to test out for the past 12 weeks! Can I just say I can't believe what can happen in 20mins a day!?!?! LADIES this is AMAZING, I kid you not!

Here is a hard truth, I don't know how I will EVER be able to do long workouts again. I have been SO productive after implementing these amazing workouts by Shaun T! And I can't lie...I have been enjoying some treats over the past few weeks and continue to keep the 12lbs OFF that I lost in the first round of the 6 week program!!

YES YOU READ that RIGHT!!! Imagine in December, I can't wait to see the results all my clients will get in January, when we are focused and READY to start our 2019 off RIGHT!!!

As if that wasn't enough just the fact that there is a new program that WILL get you into AMAZING shape...BUT now Shaun T decided to gift us with a FREE SAMPLE Transform :20 workout!

How AWESOME is that!!

Now YOU can try it with NO OBLIGATION at all!! Trust me,  I was NOT PREPARED to like this program...NOT ONE BIT...and look at me!! IN LOVE!

So are you IN?? Can you believe it, Christmas came early today...2 gifts in one blog!

Please just click this link to JOIN A FREE FACEBOOK group and access the "Free Sample Workout" ! It's 20 mins and you can try it as many times as you want!

And don't forget to print off that FREE APPETIZER and TREATS Ebook to make your holiday season a little bit less stressful!

Happy Holidays!


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