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How Do You Make Money With Beachbody

Sep 26, 2022

When I first started with Beachbody all those years ago, I actually didn't even realize there was a business opportunity behind the incredible fitness programs and nutrition products I signed up for. For me, Beachbody was a way to help me loose and keep off (what turned out to be) 80 pounds. I loved the trainers and the products so much that I figured if I signed up, I at least would get a discount on the things I am already using. 

But then I saw it. I saw the income potential wit this company, and as I was navigating my life in a career that wasn't checking all the boxes for me, I knew I had to explore this more. 

Today I am laying out the two ways we make money as Beachbody coaches.

In our business, there are two core activities that we do each month to make money. 

1. We share the Beachbody programs and products with others and then help coach them through them through exclusive and private groups on Facebook. Each Beachbody coach runs these a little differently and this is a great way to add your own personality and expertise to your business. 

2. We introduce Beachbody coaching to others and teach them to do the same things we are doing.

Here are the two ways we earn an income as Beachbody coaches:

1. Commissions - we receive a commission on any products or programs that someone buys through our Beachbody website/link. 

2. Team Cycle Bonus - we receive a cash bonus for the total production of our team. So when someone orders through the coaches that we signed up under us, we make money. This isn't just for our direct coaches either, this multiples down the line for coaches they signed up, and so on. 

So what does that mean for you? 

You can approach your business in one of two ways. First, you can focus on earning a commission on the products you love, sharing them organically wherever you see fit. There are many Beachbody Coaches who use this as a side-hustle and do a great job with it. 

Or, you can go all in. You can work on creating a customer base AND building a team and watch your business flourish. When you are building a business this way, the rewards are exponentially higher. Those who do Beachbody full-time have gone all in on both sides and are reaping the rewards of it. 


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