It only took 44 years to figure this out!

Apr 16, 2019


It’s been 19 days since I weighed myself! No big deal to you?
HUGE DEAL for me!

I’ve let that scale totally control me basically since I have known what the dame thing did!!

Weighing in to the tune of whatever the current program of the month was telling me to do ——weekly, daily, hourly…obsessively, I can remember a time when I would sneak a peak after a meal! (how ridiculous is that)

Gone from a perfectly great mood to BITCH mode because of the number staring back at me!

My relationship with the scale has been totally out of control at times, I've let numbers DEFINE ME!!
I let a scale control me, and dictate my worth!

The past month has been FULL of TRAVEL, so I made a decision when I came home from the family Cruise that I wasn’t going to step on the scale until my travel was done…I was actually just going to TRUST myself.

I know what my body likes, but more importantly I know what my SOUL likes!

They both love healthy foods 80% of the time. My body and my souls LOVES ice cream cones with my little, red wine with my hubby....and double butter popcorn with my gal pals!

I love DAILY exercise because it feels good…I like feeling strong…it gives me a sense of accomplishment and its my stress reliever!

So I made a choice to trust myself!
Let me tell you, it sure was a HELL of a LOT of MORE FUN then how I’ve acted in the past!

This morning I stepped on the scale out of total curiosity…and weighed exactly the same as I did the day I left for my CRUISE almost a month ago!!

Just to put this in perspective, I’ve had months where I’ve dieted STRICTLY and never lost or gained a pound…

This month, I played by my own body rules and it truly taught me the BEST LESSONS!!

Enjoy the FOODS, the DRINKS, the laughs! Sleep Lots, Exercise Daily
and Educate yourself about your OWN body!

I personally combine lots of different tips, HACKS and strategies that I’ve learned to keep me at a HEALTHY & COMFORTABLE WEIGHT!

I teach these tips in my Coaching Mentorships and Private 1:1 Coaching Consultations! I work with you to see what works and what doesn’t!

I combine ALL that I have learned and give it to you so you can see what is going to work for YOU!!

There are sooooo many different plans out there, and theories…AND SHOCKER they ALLLLLL WORK.

The key — find what WORKS FOR YOU!!

p.s. there is ONE really amazing Health Hack that I learned a couple months ago from my FAV mentor. I filmed a secret video sharing it! It can help with Weight Loss, maintaining...getting over cravings, urges and emotional eating!
If you want the SECRET LINK email me @[email protected] or find me on social @michellepfile


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