Mondays are for Motivation.

Dec 29, 2018

As we close out 2018, I'm sure there are many furiously writing lists of goals, brainstorming how to make 2019 better!

Some are mocking resolutions, however our mental lists are a mile long…we don't want to admit it, but things we'd hoped for last year but didn't happen, are taking up some head space again!

Those dreams that are deep down inside, brushed off daily because we've convinced ourselves we can never achieve them…

Yet the dream hasn’t died, it’s still there…still in our hearts!

Greatness is a decision available to everyone. Achieving big dreams isn’t just for power people, the better educated, the ELITE…or privileged…achieving greatness is a choice and it’s available to YOU, to me…to anyone!

Sometimes it can be easy to get stuck in a mindset that holds us back and stops us from going for it!

In the first of my “Best Year Yet” Motivation Monday series, check out this inspiring video from Byron Reese, where he made a choice...

Enjoy, and Happy New Years Eve!


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