Motivation Monday : Overcome FEAR, Start Controlling your own Destiny!

Jan 07, 2019

Happy Monday! I'm here with another MOTIVATION MONDAY video to help you POWER UP for your week ahead!

Trust me I NEED IT!! I'm headed away on a BUSINESS Mastermind Retreat in Florida!! I am both SUPER excited and SUPER nervous!!

This is out of my comfort zone for sure, HOWEVER I know it will be the absolute BEST thing I can do for myself right NOW!!

I feel it --- but that doesn't mean it's any easier, I STILL get nervous! I get when you WANT to make a change in your life, how fear can take over!

HOWEVER the only way to GREATNESS is doing things that feel uncomfortable at first!

Make the change, start the new thing, go on the trip, meet the new whatever you feel in your GUT, EVEN if it is a bit scary!

Check this Motivational Monday Video out for some inspiration!



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