My 5 fav APPS I use in my Network Marketing Business.

May 21, 2019

I get asked daily what Apps I'm currently using for my network marketing business!

How I create images, amazing cover photos, graphics and even how I can get rid of the dark circles under my eyes ---TASTEFULLY!!

I share this info with my clients & business partners all the time, because you have to feel confident with the stuff you put out there that's going to be attracting your customers!

These apps can take your work from ORDINARY to EXTRAORDINARY!!

My 5 Favourite APPS used in my Network Marketing Social Media business.

This APP is AMAZING!! I can create so many amazing graphics that have my images, and/or videos embedded. Plus they have GRAPHICS FOR DAYZ!!
The FREE VERSION is awesome, PAID is pricey but IMO worth it!!

2- Beauty Plus
This APP is where you can make a TON of magic happen!
You can whiten your teeth, brighten your eyes...soften your background add makeup!
Honestly this one is AMAZING!

3- Canva
Use the desktop version or on your device! I use both and love it!
When I make a design on one it will automatically be on the other! Perfect for on the go!

If you want to make graphics, ebooks, business cards, documents, invitations, blog posts - ANYTHING!
The list truly goes on and on!!

4- Word Swag
I use this APP daily! It's so great for putting quick text on your pictures or just making a quote graphic!
Tons of different backgrounds, fonts and colours --you can even add your own HEX code!

This is my APP of choice for anything I do with FILTERS! I have purchased a preset from ETSY, added it to LIGHTROOM, TWEAK it a bit in LightRoom to make it my own and away I go!!
It makes my FILTER that I love using daily so simple!

(bonus) 6 - Videorama
I love this video editing app! I lately have been using it to reformat my videos so I can repurpose them everywhere!!
Love it!

So I am curious, how many of you would like to have me do a course giving you my STEP BY STEP instructions on how I use all of these different apps??

Would that help you and your business??
Give you some more confidence to get started or share more?
Reply in the comments ---something maybe in the works! ;)


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