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Michelle Pfile - 5 Books Every Network Marketer Should Read For Growth

5 Books Every Network Marketer Should Read For Growth in 2022

Jun 06, 2022

Wanna grow? Start reading! 

Seriously, do it. Reading is a huge part of personal growth for a reason... it is so powerful! 

In fact, if you asked me what my favourite hobby is, hands down it's reading. I absolutely love cuddling up on the couch, with a glass of red wine in hand, red hot fake flames crackling reading the latest and greatest.

Now, clearly this doesn't happen often (moms, if you know, you know). But when the opportunity presents itself, I am in heaven. ⁣

That said, even with being super busy with life, doesn’t stop me from reading for at the very least 15 mins a day. I've just got into the habit of fitting it in. And for me, that is usually in the morning. 

I’m always searching for more clarity, and confidence in my life no matter what I’m doing, books have always helped me grow!

In my early 20's, my parents first introduced me to personal development books after being promoted to a manger role in my job as a hair stylist. After that, I dabbled in a few books that my aunt suggested.

However my real commitment to personal development didn’t escalate until I joined my Network Marketing Company in 2014!⁣

That’s when the real love affair for books began. 

So with that, here's a list of personal development books that I think every Network Marketer needs to read in 2022 for growth. 



Rushing Woman's Syndrome by Dr. Libby Weaver | Grab Your Copy


2. Worthy Human by Tracy Litt | Grab Your Copy


3. Build To Last by Keith Callahan | Grab Your Copy


4. $100M Offers by Alex Hormozi | Grab Your Copy


5. The Greatest Secret by Rhonda Byne | Grab Your Copy

Michelle x


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