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The Vulnerable Truth About The Goal I Can't Hit | The Michelle Pfile Show

Feb 02, 2021

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Why is it that women who believe in abundance, and (most of the time) believe they are worthy, still can't achieve the goals they've been placing on their Vision Boards year after year? 

Whether it's in business, your health, your relationship - whatever. Something just doesn't click and no matter how hard you try, that goal is just not being met.

In this episode of The Michelle Pfile Show, Michelle gets super personal and downright vulnerable by sharing the 1 goal that has been on her list for YEARS but still hasn't come to fruition.

And the best part... after repeating that same goal setting exercise last month she FINALLY discovered what she's been missing all these years. 

Listen as Michelle shares the 4 tips that have helped her see where she's been missing the mark in her goal-setting and the uncomfortable truth about following your envy to help you reach your goals and finally make it happen.

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