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Learning To Trust Your Intuition + How To Build A Vision Board with Kaileen Elise Sues | In Total Alignment Podcast

Learning To Trust Your Intuition + How To Build A Vision Board with Kaileen Elise Sues

Jan 04, 2023




Intuition seems like a pretty good word as we kick off 2023! And to start off the New Year I am sharing an interview with Intuition Coach Kaileen Elise Sues who helps her clients get back in touch with their truest self. After her second baby Kaileen realized that her inner voice held answers that she couldn't find anywhere else. She was self-sabotaging because she wasn't listening to her intuition and today, she helps others dive into their inner voice to find more fulfillment and ease in their life.



In this episode: 

  • The 4 moon cycles and the types of energy they bring 

  • Cycling with the moon cycles

  • The pressure of society to keep up

  • Settling into yourself in the new year instead of hustle hustle hustle because that is what society says we have to do

  • Recovering from hustle and perfectionism 

  • The practice of Pause, breathe and ask...

  • The power of journalling + tips for women who have a block when it comes to journalling

  • How to find your intuition/inner voice when you don't think you have it 

  • How to build a vision board 

Kaileen ends the episode with a Coles Notes dive into the power of crystals. 



Kaileen Elise Sues is an expert in helping women reconnect with their intuition and their creativity. Kaileen leads her community through inner voice journaling sessions, moon rituals (that don’t require dancing naked outside), vision board circles and she insists that you don’t have to be a witch or a medium to be into crystals!




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