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Finding Happiness As An Empty-Nest Mom with Allie Hill

Jul 05, 2023




As moms, we spend our whole lives giving our all to our children. We eat, sleep and breathe making sure they are happy, cared for and loved. And then one day, they are gone. Happy and thriving but they no longer need us.

This week on the podcast I am chatting with Empty Nest Coach Allie Hill all about how she helps moms adjust to their new season of life being an empty nester.


We cover:

  • Her story and what led her to wanting to make sure other moms never felt the way she did when her daughter moved out
  • How you can start preparing for this transition now so you are not caught off guard when it finally happens
  • The transition from focusing on your kids for 18 years and then all of a sudden having to reconnect with your spouse
  • The importance of allowing yourself to sit in the discomfort of this change but not letting yourself stay there
  • Implementing self-care before your kids leave
  • Why she wants you to know that this is a very exciting time, once you get over the transition

and more!


Connect With Allie

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