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Opening Up The Conversation About Perimenopause with Michelle Pfile

Jul 12, 2023




This statistic might shock you: the most common time for women to commit suicide is from the ages of 45-55. Women in this transition are struggling and it's time everyone woke up!

In this episode:

  • The statistic about women and suicide that will shock you

  • Getting real about what women are really going through in perimenopause

  • what starts to happen to women after 40

  • why women tend to start forgetting things in their late 40's

  • what causes the mood swings and why women don't even understand why they react a certain way to things

  • hormone replacements and taking supplements

  • the importance of gut and liver health when it comes to taking supplements

  • lifestyle changes you can make to help you during the transition through perimenopause


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