Parenting Teens + Why They Are Wired To Be Against Us with Jen Tate | In Total Alignment Podcast

Parenting Teens + Why They Are Wired To Be Against Us with Jen Tate

Jul 26, 2023




Teen Parenting Coach Jen Tate is on the show this week to share how she helps women and moms walk past the fear of what's ahead with teens and embrace it instead.

In this episode:

  • How to handle when you are butting heads with your teen constantly

  • Why she believes kids are actually wired to be against us

  • Why we can't forget that our kids are living in a world that we don't understand

  • Our kids are living in a space of fight or flight and we have to counteract that by providing safety

  • Our kids are not going to stop pushing against us but we have to stop pushing against them

  • Working on our own emotional health as parents

  • How she helps moms figure out how to be aware of themselves and grow themselves first

  • The importance of self care for moms of teens

  • Dealing with parental jealousy and why it is one of the most crucial emotions to notice so you can take care of yourself better

  • Kids, phones and social media

and so much more!


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