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The Mother-Daughter Relationship Around Food with Jessica Procini

Aug 16, 2023




This week, we are taking the topic of emotional eating one step further and diving into the mother-daughter relationship around food.

Today's guest Jessica Procini, the founder and leader of Escape From Emotional Eating®, has been helping women who strive for excellence heal the roots of their emotional eating so they can embody their full potential since 2011 after healing her own battle with emotional eating.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Emotional eating and how one of the root causes may surprise you

  • How your relationship with emotional eating can be connected to an unhealthy dynamic with someone in your life

  • The pivotal moment Jessica realized her emotional eating was parallel to her relationship with her mother

  • Why she believes a lot of experts miss the mark on this topic when dealing with emotional eaters

  • Ways to create healthy eating habits within our daughters

  • Tips for overcoming emotional eating (that start with you)

and so much more!


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