Remembering Infertility Week.

Apr 28, 2019

How many of you suffered or are suffering from infertility??⁣

I was diagnosed with PCOS at 17, and I only remember one sentence that my specialist said that day! ⁣

“This will be fine, but it will be hard for you to have children naturally!”⁣

At 17, I was cool, heck I didn’t think I even wanted kids, I was going to be a fancy career woman!⁣

Fast forward, getting married and found myself starting to think about having a family! ⁣

And like many PCOS stories…off to the clinic we go…⁣

It was determined VERY early that we would NOT be having any children naturally or through any type of assistance. ⁣

Negative …NO chance…NADA!!⁣
(we were a special case let’s just leave it at that, more then just PCOS played a part)⁣

I’m actually grateful, TBH. I didn’t have to endure a lot of what other women go through to conceive! The invasive medical treatments, the appointments, the physical pain…⁣

However I do know the emotions, the fear and disappointment…and how hard just normal life is,⁣
watching friends, and family get pregnant and have families of their own.⁣

I know what it’s like to go through the grieving of never having a child naturally.⁣

This is actually when my disordered eating started, I was in such a state of distress, life felt very out of control…and food and exercise was something that I could control…and BOY did I ever, right down to every single GRAM consumed and CALORIE burned.⁣

It’s funny what you will do in times of stress! Like I have shared it took years to get my body and more importantly MIND back to “normal” since that time.⁣

If this is you…know you are not alone, reach out — talk to someone. I know this can be a really lonely, extremely stressful time, but there are people that you can talk to, that understand!❤️


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