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Becoming Effing Happy Even In Your Darkest Moments with Shannon Klerk | The Michelle Pfile Show

Jan 19, 2021


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Today I am interviewing Shannon Klerk, a self-proclaimed kindness creator, inner dialogue warrior and empowerment igniter who has created an entire business around being happy.
Yep, that's right. Shannon is a Happiness Coach! 
The Finally Effing Happy Brand is an online space you need to visit when you are feeling overwhelmed, depressed or you just need a boost of SELF LOVE!
In this episode, Shannon shares her story of finally learning how to truly become her own biggest fan after years of carrying around the suicide hot line number in her back pocket.
As she shares her simple processes, tools, and strategies for embodying self love, self care and positive momentum in your life, you will start to see how easy it is to simplify your own life and find happiness and success for yourself. 
There is a takeaway here for everyone... no matter how happy you already are in your life! 

Instagram: @finallyeffinghappy



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