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1 Reason Why You're Hearing Crickets When You Post On Social Media

Apr 14, 2021

Fact: The average person sees 1,300+ headlines each day on Social Media and dismisses 99.7% of them!

Are you part of the 99.7%?

To be completely honest, I actually have no idea if that's true, but it grabbed your attention didn’t it? The truth is, it literally takes a person one second to decide if you are worthy of their time.

So with that, let’s break down your social media posts so you can get more engagement, shall we?

The first step is your first line… the headline. And more specifically, headlines that stop the scroll!

First and foremost, ask yourself... are you talking directly to your ideal client? What are you saying to them?

Are you delivering some information they need?
Are you solving a problem for them?
Are you giving them some sort of benefit?

It has to be about them – not about you!


Here are 4 Tips for creating scroll stopping headlines (that will have your audience clicking that see more button.)

1. Make a promise and BE SPECIFIC

Is the benefit of clicking (the value the reader is going to get) higher than the cost (two seconds of their time)?

Before posting anything make sure you pretend that you’re the reader. “What’s in it for me?” The answer should jump off the page. If it doesn’t, get ready to hear crickets.

2. Use POWERFUL words

This are called "trigrams". They are groupings of 3 words that are bold and offer promises or benefits to your ideal client.

A few examples:

x things that…
You can now…
How to make…
Why you should…
X reasons why…
This is the…



Why? Numbers stand out in a line of letters! But also, a list post sets expectations for your reader.

(See an example of a number headline that just worked for you above!)


4. Write LOTS of headlines

I sometimes write 5 or 6 different headlines before I pick one and use it.

Other headline examples for this post:


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All of these were good, but the one I chose was the one that stood out to me the most.


So now it's your turn. Take these tips into consideration next time you write a post and watch the crickets disappear.



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