Stage 4 Lung Cancer Diagnosis leads to Network Marketing Success.

Sep 19, 2019

“STAGE 4 - He’s PALLIATIVE and at best 9 months to live….”

I remember it like it was yesterday. Etched into my mind - I remember what I was wearing, the lady with the pink scarf sitting across from me, and the book I’d just cracked open. “The Happiness Project”

After the surgeon gave us the news - LIFE CHANGED! Everything I’d known was suddenly different and really scary!

A few months later, sitting at my computer convinced the internet was HIDING the CURE for Lung Cancer, something dawned on me...

I started to think about my career. It looked PERFECT on paper….making 6 figures, well respected business owner and stylist, huge staff, beautiful business...but I felt like stabbing people with my shears.

I hated working evenings, the weekend hours KILLED me...and I’d lost my spark! And that’s when I found NETWORK MARKETING, just a random scroll on FB and there was an invitation waiting for me!!

✨Direct call from the Universe if you ask me.✨

Maybe you have a story like started on a whim or by clue what to expect.

Here’s what I want you to know -

I found this business by accident, but I didn’t grow another 6 figure business by accident!! I embraced it with ALL I HAD --- I SAW the potential, I saw that this could bring my family FREEDOM - I saw the VISION, that I could stop TRADING TIME FOR MONEY!!

I worked HARD juggling two businesses, I acted as IF, I got the HELP and COACHING I needed to MAKE my business THRIVE!!

And here we are 5 YEARS LATER - My zone of genius is helping women BUILD their BUSINESSES, I do that with my team everyday, BUT I feel a TUG -- TO REACH more women!

I’ll help you see where you’re falling through the cracks...and you'll see that success! Learning from a person that has and IS still doing it, BUILDING, CREATING and THRIVING in a space that you're in that's S M A R T business!

I currently have 6 spots left for 1:1 Success Calls where we’ll DIVE DEEP into your BUSINESS and PLAN for your success!
GRAB them quick, these SPOTS will go FAST!

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