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The 4 Types Of Beachbody Coaches

Aug 03, 2022

If you're reading this post right now, you are probably thinking of becoming a Beachbody Coach.

And if you're thinking of becoming a Beachbody Coach, I want you to know that this decision CAN change your life. You are on your way to endless opportunity.

One of the things I love about this business is that you can work it as much or as little as you want.
Looking for a discount on your fav programs and products? Welcome!
Working full time but looking for more? There is a space for you here.
Ready to take the bull by the horns and turn this into the life you only imagined? Let's do this!

Here are the 4 types of Beachbody Coaches

  1. Discount Coach
    Someone who signed up simply to receive the 25% discount.
  2. Part Time Coach
    This is where most Beachbody Coaches start.
  3. Part Time Coach who is working to becoming a Full Time Coach
    These are the people who see the potential and are pushing themselves towards their dreams.
  4. Full Time Coach
    Beachbody is their full time income and they live a life of abundance and opportunity. 

Believe it or not, I have at one time been every single one of these types of coaches. There is no right or wrong answer... it's what works for you, your life and what you want out of your business.

So with that, let's break down the types of Beachbody Coaches and see where you fit!

Discount Coach

A Discount Coach is someone who simply signed up to receive a discount on Beachbody products and services. They have no intention of selling or sharing the business opportunity but the savings makes sense. These types of coaches are often those who drink Shakeology daily, and use our other products as well. When you sign up to be a Coach, there are no obligations and you can cancel at any time but you still receive the 25% discount on your products. 

Part Time Coach

This is where the majority of Beachbody Coaches start. This is for the coach who wants a side-hustle but still works full or part time, or is a stay at home parent. Generally these coaches work 5-20 hours a week and want to make a couple hundred dollars per week. Like I said above, there is no minimum or maximum you have to work your business. You work it when you want. And the amount of time you put into it is reflected in the amount of money you get out of it. 

Part Time Coach working to becoming a Full Time Coach

I have a lot of these coaches on my team. These are the people who can see their future. They can see the opportunity that lies ahead of them and they are hustling. These people see the financial freedom this opportunity offers and love helping others reach their goals. The goal is that their Beachbody income will eventually exceed their full time job income and they will make the transition to full time coaching.

Full Time Coach

A full time Beachbody Coach is someone who works with Beachbody only and no one else. A full time coach gets to create their dream life. They work when they want, for how long they want, where they want. The opportunities and freedom are endless. Picking up and taking a week long vacation is always an option. 

This is the level I am at now. I worked really hard to get here. But when you are doing work that you believe in, time flies and before you know it, you're at the top of the company, living out your dream life. 


Where do you see yourself?


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