The Secrets I Rarely Share...

Jan 16, 2019

It just occurred to me that you may not know MY STORY.

Do you know the woman behind these blog posts?
I thought, you might be maybe want to know a little bit more about ME?

I want to share because it will perhaps inspire you! It may make you realize that YOU are capable of some AMAZING things in your life, and all you need is a little encouragement! 

You might even see a bit of ME in YOUR story!

A few years ago I felt really stuck, I had a toddler, was working non-stop (12hour days, 6 days a week) in a career that was no longer my passion, my husband had given me some {not so great} news about his business, and my father was extremely sick, dying of cancer.

I felt like my life was spinning out of control, and I felt really scared. Truthfully, I went out of control -- drinking too much, binge eating, avoiding people — ANYTHING to try to NUMB my PAIN!

As I was scrolling social media, I came across information about health, fitness and empowerment! I immediately felt excited for the first time in what felt like FOREVER!!


I needed something positive…trying to find the cure for cancer online just wasn’t cutting it…I needed my OWN FOCUS!

After a few months I feel in love with my workouts, I loved how I was feeling EMPOWERED, POSITIVE…suddenly I was getting up earlier, reading motivational books…I felt courageous and had a strength like never before!

It wasn’t long after, I was presented an opportunity, to take this passion that had found me and share it with other women.

I couldn’t be MORE EXCITED to share this ALL with other women that were struggling with the EXACT same things as I had been…drowning pain with food and alcohol, always worried and anxious, insecure and unsure of the future…I wanted to show them a DIFFERENT WAY!

This is how my NEW CAREER as a COACH began!!

Since those first days I have been able to have my husband leave that business, I’ve been able to leave mine and now I spend my days EMPOWERING WOMEN to find their FREEDOM! I’ve achieved personal and business goals that I never ever thought would be possible for me…and now see women who I have coached doing the same!

Maybe you are interested in learning more about the STEPS I’ve taken to lead a life full of freedom and I found tools and strategies to HELP me overcome. Click this link below to my private group where I share what I've done, what I've learned and how I finally chose Freedom over Fear!
“FIND your FREEDOM” private group!

If you would like more information please comment below and I will help you into the group!

If nothing else, know that I know what you may be going through, I made changes and I know you can too!

In Happiness, Health & Wealth,
Michelle xx


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