The TRUTH about my weekend!

Nov 23, 2018

TRUTH: I ate and drank whatever I wanted over the weekend!
Wine, cheese, bread, crackers, popcorn—some fancy chocolate things that cost a fortune at Starbucks…basically whatever…& I started this week 5lbs heavier than when I left.

Why do you care…well you maybe don’t—but I know some of you are just like I was! And this would have sent you into a week full of ridiculous habits, starving yourself, self loathing and guilt!

This is where the biggest change has happened for me! I feel no guilt, I had a TREAT FILLED (notice I don’t say CHEAT) weekend!

I love food, I love wine & cheese nights with my husband and I am not perfect and don’t need to be!!

My goal is to be HAPPY AND HEALTHY and that includes daily workouts, eating healthy to nourish my body and being a positive influence on my daughter so she sees what HEALTHY looks like…that includes all the really good choices, but it also includes the FUN!!


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