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What Are You Eating? Ingredient Red Flags

Jul 11, 2022

It looks healthy, says it's healthy, so it must be healthy right? 


If you were to walk the aisles of your grocery store, you would see food packaging that is riddled with terms that would make you believe the contents of that package is healthy.

And for years, a common practice of mine was to check out the nutrition information of something before I bought it.

If it was macro-friendly, in the cart it went. 

But as they say, with age, comes more wisdom (or something like that) and I am on a new food label venture! 

This venture has nothing to do with how many calories or grams of sugar, this one has to do with what is ACTUALLY in the package. 

In this post, I am diving into the ingredients list, and some common red flags that you want to avoid in your foods. 

[Listen to: Podcast Episode 111 What's Actually In Your Food?]


Here is the list of ingredient red flags (in alphabetical order... you're welcome!):

  1. Aspartame

  2. Artificial Flavours

  3. BHA

  4. BHT

  5. Bleached Flour

  6. Blue 1

  7. Canola Oil

  8. Caramel Colour

  9. Cellulose

  10. Corn Oil

  11. Cottonseed Oil

  12. Dextrose

  13. Enriched Flour

  14. Fructose or Fructose Syrup

  15. Gellan Gum

  16. High Fructose Corn Syrup

  17. Maltodextrin

  18. Natural Flavours

  19. Potassium Benzoate

  20. Partially Hydrogenated Oils

  21. Red 3

  22. Red 40

  23. Sodium Benzoate

  24. Sodium Nitrate

  25. Sodium Phosphate

  26. Soybean Oil

  27. Soy Lecithin

  28. Sucralose

  29. Sunflower Oil

  30. Synthetic Vitamins

  31. Vanillin

  32. Yeast Extract

  33. Yellow 5

  34. Yellow 6

I will spare you the reasons why each one of these are bad because we would be here all day, but just know that I have poured my heart and soul into learning and understanding the ingredients in my food and you want to ditch these ones for sure. 


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