What I LOVE about being in my 40's!

Jan 28, 2019

I refuse to start another DAY #1!

You know what I love about being in my 40’s….I feel SO SMART!😁
For once in my life I feel like I actually have some insight, some maturity and wisdom!!

I'm calling it PERCEPTION!

{{NOW just a couple notes:
 I find women of ANY AGE interesting and insightful…I learn daily from women in their 20’s, 30’s — 60’s…so don’t take that above statement the wrong way —— AND disclaimer, I FEEL SMART but I'm also a HOT MESS, its a complicated blend!}}πŸ˜™

BUT I do LOVE how I FEEL right now in this MOMENT, particularly when I am thinking about my body, my health and my self image!!

10 years ago, heck a year ago, I was busting my ass working out over an hour a day and micro managing every single thing that went into my mouth. 

Listen to this, I even treated 5 women to an awesome weekend away, we happened to be in the middle of a certain “program” and we had NO TREATS AVAILABLE…N O T H I N G!!!!!!!!! 

We had fun, it was amazing…but thinking back I’m like…HONESTLY MICHELLE…what were you thinking?πŸ€”

Sure I’ve prided myself in the fact that when I commit to something I 100% COMMIT…FULL OUT…but I have to think back and ask myself —— what about FUN, what about LIVING??

So this is where my maturity is stepping in…I LOVE to feel CONFIDENT in my BODY…I love to feel strong and quite frankly NOT JIGGLY. πŸ˜‚

But I also LOVE sipping wine with friends, indulging in specialty cheeses and charcuterie boards with my husband….and I LOVE me some rubber candy and potato chip nights with my favs…

There is a time and a place for all of it…and I am SOOOO glad I've figured out what works for me!

I don’t use FOOD, or EXERCISE as a crutch for soothing my emotions anymore, I don’t PRIDE myself in committing to something UBER strict, having this calendar Day 1-Day 42…I don’t need that anymore….because guess what -- no one, & I MEAN NO one was giving me any medals if I completed those 42 days.

Now I know what my body likes, and doesn’t like, now I make decisions based on that! I KNOW myself and TRUST myself!πŸ™Œ

So to my point….I have a batherπŸ‘™ to wear in about 7.5 weeks…it's CRUISE time ---a trip with my TEAM!

You guessed it, yep I wanna feel good, confident and not JIGGLY —- however I also want to enjoy these next 7.5 weeks…laughing, having fun….dates with friends that might include a treat here and there.
I'm calling it LIVING!πŸ˜€

I’m so glad I've figured out the BALANCE of nourishing every single part of me…my body, my health and my happiness.

So I wanted to share some tips on how I got here…and maybe you are like me...really looking for the wisdom, a different perspective.

1.PRIORITIZE — what is really worth it — TO YOU…what occasion means the most, what experiences do you really want to have and what do they involve?

2. REVERSE ENGINEER — Do you have something coming up where you want to feel a certain way. Ask yourself are the things I am doing now helping me or taking me further away from feeling the way I want to feel? {adjust accordingly}

3. TRACK your FOOD — SO you are probably think —-AHHHH there she goes “TRACKING” making things STRICT!!! That is where you are SO WRONG!

Do you track your finances? Or should you?, What about your kiddos education, health…even their moods etc….YOU LEARN WHEN YOU TRACK!

You might be surprised what you can have and what certain foods do to your body. I’ve been pleasantly surprised that some of my favourites eaten in proper portions are totally fine for me to have and don’t back track me at all. 

I also know the things I really need to be careful with…so I adjust accordingly.

4. USE the SCALE daily —— AS A TOOL! 

I have weighed 213lbs, 135lbs and currently 155 —— Here is what I can say….213 was VERY UNHEALTHY for me —- so was 135 mentally!

Where I am right now is GREAT I can maintain it and enjoy life. HOWEVER, I can stray FAST…so if I'm not careful that number can CREEP⬆️…and I want to be HEALTHY…and CONFIDENT, so I do have to measure what's happening in my body!

The SCALE helps me do just that, but nothing else, it definitely doesn't define me! And it shouldn't YOU EITHER!


The moment I figured that out life changed — it took me YEARS to figure this out….Y E A R S! Take my advice…get yourself a ROADMAP to your HEALTHIEST SELF, it’s important and worth the time, & effort!

So there you have it...some 44yr old perspective! I think MAYBE just maybe I am starting to figure this all out....
How about you?


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