What's the difference? 2B Mindset vs Ultimate Portion Fix?

Mar 04, 2019


Have you ever heard the saying — there are two ways to “skin a cat” {that’s HORRIBLE isn’t it….although coming from someone that is terrified of cats……}😝

I am getting SO many questions RIGHT NOW, “What’s the best program?? “What do you like better?”….”What do you USE?”

So here’s the truth…both the 2B Mindset and Ultimate Portion Fix can help with weight loss!

They’ve BOTH helped me in SOOO many ways, and they both will give YOU extraordinary results if and when you commit!

But which is right for you? 
It’s confusing RIGHT???


The Portion Control Containers in the Ultimate Portion Fix.

I’m going to give you MY thoughts on both, and why I actually LOVE them both and will continue to USE BOTH!!

First IMO you can’t have TOO much information about HEALTH, WELLNESS and NUTRITION!! You can’t be TOOO EDUCATED! 

Here is a few different things you can get from these programs….one focuses a bit more on intuitive eating, and the other strategies on controlling sugar addiction! 

Kind of nice to know about both right??

The 2B Mindset Plate-It Method

I love that Ultimate Portion Fix is focusing on FAMILY NUTRITION because that is TRULY SO important to me…and 2B mindset has helped me NOT be afraid of food!


However what’s “right’ or the BEST, or in my case WHEN is one right at what time?

NUTRITION for me is a CONSTANT struggle!! My MINDSET is a constant struggle and quite frankly I have tried it all and TRULY BELIEVE there are SEASONS for everything, and that’s why BOTH of these programs WORK well for ME!

For me there are times that I need a VERY VERY STRUCTURED concrete plan…i,e before a trip, maybe after a holiday when I’ve indulged a teeny tiny too much!!

YES, I AM HUMAN, I’m not perfect all the time, I FALL off TRACK” but I ALWAYS want to get back on track….I NEVER let it get ahead of me, I will not let my body go back to weighing 213lbs…but to get back at it I often need a “PLAN”  with a LOT of structure!!

For me that’s the ULTIMATE PORTION FIX!!! 

I love that in 3 weeks I can make amazing strides and feel SOOOO much better about myself and dig back into my NORMAL maintenance plan!!

For me the containers, the calculated macros is perfect for that time in my life!!

HOWEVER on a day to day basis…when I’m just living my life…too much structure can make me feel VERY RESTRICTED, and has often lead me to obsessive behaviour and this is why and when I LOVE 2B MINDSET!!!

I want to be able to enjoy but maintain!!

I keep my weight at a consistent healthy place using the 2B Principles…when I want to step it up a notch I use the Ultimate Portion Fix and its a perfect marriage of health for me!!

So that's MY STORY, now what about you?

I want to DESIGN the PERFECT plan for in THIS season of your life!!
Before we chat privately, here’s a quick way to compare the two nutrition programs…and some questions to ask yourself!

What's the Difference??

Ultimate Portion Fix is:
*Not as Flexible
*Uses Containers
*Has Very Specific Rules to follow
*Is full of Healthy Delicious Foods
*You will Weigh Once a Month/Take Pictures Weekly

2B Mindset is:
*Will have you tracking how you FEEL and investigating YOUR BODY
*Has you Tracking Daily
*Is Full of Healthy Delicious Foods
*Has a Strong Focus on Veggies and Water
*You will Weigh Daily

A few questions to ask yourself are:
*Which appeals to you most??

*Will you be consistent about tracking EVERYTHING you eat, and HOW YOU FEEL BEFORE AND AFTER if it gives you a lot of FLEXIBILITY in your diet? (Yes = 2B Mindset, No = Containers)

*Are you comfortable eyeballing your portions?
(Yes = 2B Mindset, No = Containers)

*Do you like to eat smaller amounts MORE times throughout the day?(Yes=Ultimate Portion Fix, No=2B Mindset

*Do you thrive on flexibility in your diet or structure?
(Flexibility = 2B Mindset, Structure = Containers)

*Do you want to get SHREDDED?
(YES= Ultimate Portion Fix, NO = 2B Mindset

*Do you have a Sugar Addiction??
(Yes=Ultimate Portion Fix, NO = 2B Mindset)

*Do you LOVE to feel FULL and eat 3 bigger meals a day?
(YES = 2B Mindset, NO = Ultimate Portion Fix

*Do you really like vegetables?
(YES = 2B Mindset, Not as much = Ultimate Portion Fix

*Are you ready for a change or bored with the what you are doing right now and need a change?
(Let’s SHAKE IT UP!)

For me there is just NOT A ONE SIZE FITS ALL PLAN!!! 

ALL “Plans” work, the key is figuring out what is going to work for you RIGHT NOW!!

First you have to KNOW YOUR WHY??
WHY do you want to do this, and WHAT are your GOALS??

What feels exciting to you, what inspires you to start CHANGE towards your transformation?

For me being educated in both, & using BOTH is important so I can help DESIGN a PLAN that is PERFECT for you and the Season of Life you are in right now!!

If you are INTERESTED in having a CONVERSATION about designing a plan that is PERFECT for you please fill out the form below and I will be IN TOUCH!


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