Michelle Pfile | 4 Reasons Why You're Not Making Money In Your Business

4 Reasons Why You're Not Making Money In Your Business

Aug 13, 2021

So you're putting in the work but not seeing the payoff at the end of each month? 

Let's be real here - none of us set out on our Network Marketing journey to not make any money. And there is nothing more defeating than doing all the things you're told to do and you're still not seeing the dough.

I get it. I really do. 

So today I am sharing 4 reasons why you're not making money in your business (and what you can do to fix it). 

But before we get into the list... my first question to you is... do you actually believe that you deserve to make BIG MONEY?

Your mindset is the key to success. You will never see consistent success without working on it daily.

You can have all the strategies, the best shake, makeup, vitamins, cleaning products or cooking gadgets known to man…

But if you don’t actually believe that you can crush your business, and make it to the top of the pay scale (if that’s what you want) you won't.

So with that said...

Here are 4 REASONS why you’re not bringing in the CASH!

1. You continue to put off NAILING YOUR NICHE. This has to be the first step because you'll never be able to execute Step 2 or 3 without it.

2. Your CONTENT is not converting. Your content has to speak to your ideal client so they want what you have. Invoke emotion inside them so strong that they can’t help but act.

3. The dreaded SALES. You have old beliefs around them, and you’re going about SELLING in the wrong way. If you treat selling like serving from the beginning, you’ll never worry about being pushy or “salesy” ever again!

4. MINDSET MINDSET MINDSET. You haven’t trained yourself to be an observer of your thoughts! Mindset is everything. And as hokey as it sounds, change your mindset and you just might change your life. 

If you commit to focusing on these 4 things, you’ll be creating consistent sales month after month. 

You will be raising the ranks and seeing your bank balance increase just like it does for all the women you admire.

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