You Don't Have To Follow "THEIR" Rules!

Nov 30, 2020

I know this is shocking BUT YOU DON’T HAVE TO FOLLOW THEIR RULES!!⁣
Who’s rules?? ⁣
Your UPLINE’s Rules!!⁣

You are your own independent business owner - the blessing of Network Marketing is you don’t have to do it alone like most start up businesses out there and that’s amazing!⁣

I support my tribe as best as I know how, but I don’t expect them to do what I do! I expect⁣
them to have their own ideas, add their own creative flare and HECK disagree with me sometimes! 🙌🏻⁣

I expect them to fly the coop when they’re ready - I certainly hope our friendship is strong enough to always be partners and confidants - but I want them to become a leader of their own tribe and beat their own drum!⁣

So if you don’t want to send COLD GROSS MESSAGES because it feels slimy - DON’T, I didn’t!!⁣

If you want to build on Pinterest, a BLOG⁣
& your upline is FB crazy - don’t follow suit⁣

If you want to do something fun, exciting and different and they think it’s a bad idea - DO IT!⁣

You OWN your SUCCESS in this business! Your Upline is their to support you - not tell you what to do!❤️⁣

💥What have you been dying to try in your BIZ but nervous what your Team/Upline will think??⁣

I want to know!!


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