Michelle Pfile helps women tackle transformation and
lead purposeful lives and businesses.

She offers two roadmaps to success.

Which route feels the most like you need right now?


I Want To Transform My Health & Fitness

Let’s talk GOALS!

First we will discover together what you want! Are you looking to improve your health and wellness?

It’s time to PICK a program:

We know what you want, let's figure out the roadmap to get you there. We’ll create your PATH to SUCCESS!

Let’s get you started:

As soon as we have picked your program, we will get you started. As your coach I will help you navigate this new way of life!

You are never alone:

It’s time to PLUG into my exclusive community where you will  access everything to help you take ACTION and see massive success.

Forever in my circle:

You’re never alone, I’m here for you! I’ll provide support as long as you want it. Look forward to recipes, tips, & strategies from my own personal journey that led me to success.


I Want More:
An Abundant Life & Financial Freedom

You want more!

I know, I can feel it too. You are ready to make a difference, to share your heart and change your life. Let’s CHAT!

Is this right for you?

You are interested in helping others, leading a healthy lifestyle and becoming an influence for change. We make sure this is the RIGHT FIT!

Welcome to the FitNique Family!

I created #thefitniquenation because I craved female friendships & a community full of like minded women. We are women wired for abundance. 

What you can expect:

Everything you need to know to start a network marketing biz on YOUR terms! I follow your lead! I’ve created a 6+ figure business from my laptop and can help you do the same.

Trainings & Support

We are family, we support each other. I will show you the way. You will have access to all my Trainings, Weekly Conference Calls, and Social Media Marketing Support.