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12 Reasons To Do The Gut Protocol By Beachbody - Michelle Pfile

12 Reasons To Do The Gut Protocol By Beachbody

Jun 13, 2022

Everyday, your body is giving you messages. 

Every and all day it is telling you what you need, and what you definitely don't need

Are you jittery and anxious everyday around 9am?

Are you cramped and uncomfortable after lunch every single day? 

Are you dealing with acid reflux every night when you lay down? 

Let's sit back and think about this for a minute. All of these things are signs that your body is giving you a very clear message. 

Think back to the morning jitters... could it be your coffee?

Or the post lunch bloat. What did you eat? 

Do you think acid reflux is your body telling you "oh yes, give me more of that". 

So why are we ignoring these? Why have we conditioned ourselves to ignore these signs from our body just because we like the taste of things? 

And I want you to hear me out because I am not saying you can never have things you really enjoy ever again... but a break from them might be helpful!

Which is exactly what we're doing in my 4-Week Gut Health Protocol.

Not sure where the 4-Week Gut Health Protocol is? Click here.

⁣So if what I said above wasn't convincing enough, keep reading to learn 10 reasons you need to do The Gut Protocol by Beachbody.  
In no particular order:
  1. Discover what’s working and what’s not in your digestive system
  2. Improve your immune system
  3. Lose frustrating pounds
  4. Decrease inflammation and bloating
  5. Introduce new whole foods to you and your family
  6. Create new healthy habits: portion control, gentle daily movement
  7. May improve any aggravating skin conditions
  8. Decrease headaches
  9. Increase your energy
  10. Improve your sleep
  11. Anxiety, depression, & moodiness can subside
  12. Discover any sensitivities to foods which are causing a breakdown in your health



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