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New Program: XB Sweat + Sculpt By Beachbody | Michelle Pfile

New Program: XB Sweat + Sculpt By Beachbody

Oct 10, 2022

Ready for a new workout? Do I ever have something for you! 

This is probably one of the most exciting program releases I have experienced to date and I can't wait for you all to get your hands on it! 

Introducing XB Sweat + Sculpt By Beachbody Super Trainer Andrea Rogers.

Andrea believes that the most effective workouts should also be the most fun! (And she's right!)


Here's What You Need To Know

The XB Sweat + Sculpt program is based on the principle that you should enjoy your workouts. So she developed XB Sweat + Sculpt, a super fun and high-energy program that is guaranteed to put the fun back in your fitness.  

With the perfect balance between cardio dance sessions (Sweat) and weight training sessions (Sculpt), this program will never leave you board. 

Sweat sessions alternate between cardio-dance intervals that get your heart rate up, and sculpting intervals that focus on slower, more controlled muscle-defining movement. 

Andrea's sculpt workouts focus on your upper, lower, or total body with moves that target and challenge specific muscle groups. You will finish off these workouts with a core circuit to feel you burning from head to toe (in the best way possible!)


About The Program

Program length: 3 weeks

Number of workouts per week: 5 sessions

Length of sessions: 30 minutes per day 

Equipment needed: 2 or 3lb ankle weights and resistance bands (loops)

Fitness level: All levels


The Workouts

Sweat Workouts

These dynamic and entertaining workouts are low-impact cardio workouts with a unique twist, alternating between cardio-dance intervals and strength training intervals meant to define and sculpt your muscles. 

Sculpt Workouts

To keep your schedule balanced, these sessions will work your upper, lower and total body through controlled movements targeting specific muscle groups.

Each Sculpt session ends with a 5-10 minute ab circuit. 

Express Sessions

These are best for the days when you're short on time, or to add a little extra to your daily workout. There are five 10-15 minute express workouts included in the program.


How fun does this look?

For more information + to get your FREE sample workout, click here and scroll to the bottom of the page. 


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