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Holiday Survival Tips: Dealing With Grief with Michelle Pfile

Holiday Survival Tips: Dealing With Grief with Michelle Pfile

Dec 21, 2022
This is part 3 of the Holiday Survival series that I have been focusing on this month. 
There is no doubt that the holidays can bring up a whole bunch of stuff for people. Everyone's bag of stuff is different but there is stuff nonetheless. Whether it be stress, relationships, underlying hurt, or grief...
In this three part series, I am going to be giving you strategies and survival tips on various topics surrounding the holidays so you can head into the New Year as your best self.
Today we are focusing on grief. And this episode is not just for those who have lost someone. This episode is for everyone because the truth is, we are all going to experience loss at some point in our life. 
Grief doesn't just have to be about death. It comes in so many forms including a breakup, a job loss, a broken friendship and more. 
In this episode I am sharing survival tips for those who are grieving and for those who are going to be grieving this holiday season.
Listen to part 1 of the series focusing on health and wellness and healthy habits here.
Listen to part 2 of the series focusing on balancing it all here
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