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Morning Meltdown 100

health and wellness Jun 27, 2019

Your morning routine has the power to set the tone for your entire day.

You might not believe me…but I promise if you start to establish a morning routine, & some time for yourself early in the day — your life will change!

NOW, I will be honest - I didn’t expect myself to be adding a "lightning bolt" or "badass jump?” to my morning routine…but what the heck, you only live once!!

The amazing Jericho McMatthews has come out with another AMAZING new program!

This workout is serious FUN, one day you're doing ballerina jumps and the next day you’re doing warrior jumps!! The whole program is comprised of the MOST creative and effective moves that keep you excited and never bored!

Scared? I WAS TOO! But don’t be! 
There's a modifier AND a modifier to the modifier! Can I get a woop woop?! So this program is perfect for ANY fitness level! Need to scale it waaaay down, you're covered! Need to amp it up, GO FOR IT!


What's the difference? 2B Mindset vs Ultimate Portion Fix?

health and wellness Mar 04, 2019


Have you ever heard the saying — there are two ways to “skin a cat” {that’s HORRIBLE isn’t it….although coming from someone that is terrified of cats……}

I am getting SO many questions RIGHT NOW, “What’s the best program?? “What do you like better?”….”What do you USE?”

So here’s the truth…both the 2B Mindset and Ultimate Portion Fix can help with weight loss!

They’ve BOTH helped me in SOOO many ways, and they both will give YOU extraordinary results if and when you commit!

But which is right for you? 
It’s confusing RIGHT???


The Portion Control Containers in the Ultimate Portion Fix.

I’m going to give you MY thoughts on both, and why I actually LOVE them both and will continue to USE BOTH!!

First IMO you can’t have TOO much information about HEALTH,...

How I can help you! Join my Community!

health and wellness Feb 27, 2019

I get asked daily HOW after YEARS of trying, I finally lost my weight and have kept off! Simple answer!

Focusing on my nutrition, 30 min at home workouts and a community of supportive women to motivate me!

I'm SO excited you're interested in learning more about my Nutrition Mentorship! This is taking MY favourite way of losing weight and making it A LIFESTYLE for ourselves and our families!

This brand new nutrition program helps you get a handle of your nutrition - your portions and what you should be eating!!

Introduces you to the mindset around our food choices, how to beat sugar & food addictions, maximize your workout results, with 30 min full body programs, and strategies to help your whole family get healthier.

This is for anyone who:
- is frustrated with their lack of results even when it seems they are doing everything “right”
- needs a step-by-step nutrition plan
- wants to create healthier habits for their family
- is possibly interested in 'macros' but super...

Easy Meal Prep Tips and a {free} Meal Plan!

health and wellness Feb 11, 2019

Let me ask you a question:
Did you wake up today and say — today is the day!!
This week is GOING to be different!!

And I HOPE, all my fingers and toes crossed that you are feeling amazing, motivated and ready to just make today so positive....

BUT…I know some of you will have already given up on yourselves!
Hot Damn girl…don’t give up!!

The other thing I'm willing to bet is — you didn’t make a plan yesterday to get you set up for TODAY and this coming week.

So first things first…stop being down on yourself because there's NO way you can succeed at this without a plan…there's just NO WAY!!

Here are some TIPS for you to make a successful plan…and friend, you don’t have to wait until next Monday!!

Make that plan right now…get your list ready…get to the store and get at it!!

This doesn’t have to be hard, but it WILL be the BIGGEST GAME changer on your quest for reaching your HAPPY + HEALTHY...

My Wellness Secret!

health and wellness Jan 31, 2019


4.5 years ago I was introduced to what I now call MY SECRET to getting to your HEALTHY weight, and STAYING THERE!

Once we've picked the PERFECT program and PLAN for you, we've chosen your flavour of Superfoods you'll have access to my Virtual Online Wellness Studio!

One of the key factors to weight loss success is support, so having a community of women on the same journey, with similar goals and seasons of life is so motivating and effective!
I promise you, you’ll never feel alone and I bet you will make some amazing friends along the way!

I am the person that keeps you motivated and accountable!! You know when you aren’t feeling it, or being tempted — I'm the one that will gently push you to keep going…remind you of what you are working so hard for!

In my Virtual Wellness group, I post every day (a fitness tip, wellness tip, recipes, motivation, etc.) and a daily "assignment" (ex. set a goal for the week, share a...

What I LOVE about being in my 40's!

health and wellness Jan 28, 2019

I refuse to start another DAY #1!

You know what I love about being in my 40’s….I feel SO SMART!
For once in my life I feel like I actually have some insight, some maturity and wisdom!!

I'm calling it PERCEPTION!

{{NOW just a couple notes:
 I find women of ANY AGE interesting and insightful…I learn daily from women in their 20’s, 30’s — 60’s…so don’t take that above statement the wrong way —— AND disclaimer, I FEEL SMART but I'm also a HOT MESS, its a complicated blend!}}

BUT I do LOVE how I FEEL right now in this MOMENT, particularly when I am thinking about my body, my health and my self image!!

10 years ago, heck a year ago, I was busting my ass working out over an hour a day and micro managing every single thing that went into my mouth. 

Listen to this, I even treated 5 women to an awesome weekend away, we happened to be in the middle of a certain “program” and we had NO TREATS...

Wondering HOW I can Help you End Emotional Eating for Good?

health and wellness Dec 31, 2018

ALWAYS struggling, ALWAYS dieting?
But never getting anywhere?? I COMPLETELY get you!!

If you are READY to make some changes, then help is here!

It's time to join my 6 week coaching mentorship and get ready to put an end to all of the mindless, emotional, and negative feelings you have towards yourself.

It’s time for positive change, and I am going to TEACH you how I did it!

But if you’re anything like me, you’re probably thinking:

  • YA RIGHT, another “solution” that isn’t going to work for me, I’ve tried EVERYTHING!
  • I’m not falling for this again and wasting my money!
  • I’m never going to break free from these habits, so why bother trying!
  • I’ll never get over my food binges that leave me feeling fluffy and depressed!

And I’m willing to BET, SOON you’ll be looking for the next diet VS figuring out why you’re doing this in the first place (**that was totally me).

I thought the newest diet would solve...

Transform your LIFE with Transform :20!

health and wellness Nov 22, 2018

It’s time for all the DETAILS!! Every single thing you need to know about getting started on your TRANSFORMATION with TRANSFORM :20.

I told you last week that I was lucky enough to be chosen to be in the TEST GROUP for the program Transform :20, what an honour it was! AND A LIFESAVER! I was going down a bad path ya’ll!

This was just what I needed! I committed 100% {which was a BREEZE with this program} and got that confident spring in my step BACK! I shed 11.2 lbs in 6 weeks and pssst have gone on to lose 3 more lbs and several inches while doing a 2nd round of the program but this time incorporating WEIGHTS!! You won’t get bored of this program!!

Here are the basics:

    • SHAUN T need I say more!
    • 6 week program/ 6 workouts a week
    • ONLY 20 minutes a day
    • This is FOR ANYONE! Easily modified!
    • FLEXIBLE and PERSONAL nutrition roadmap!
    • Motivation from SHAUN T!
  • JOIN an EXCLUSIVE TEST group with me, and we will do this TOGETHER

Shaun T is...


health and wellness Nov 14, 2018


I was LUCKY enough to be chosen to take part in the first ever TEST GROUP for this program and am super excited to be able to share my experience! I followed the 6 week program to a "T",(no pun intended Shaun) and LOVED it, that is where it gets to be a bit surprising....I didn't intend to love it, more about that later!! Because I know what you really want is RESULTS, how did I DO??

I lost a TOTAL of 11.2 POUNDS and 12 INCHES!
For a 44 yr old with PCOS that is NO EASY FEAT, so I am super proud that I achieved such incredible results!


  • Six weeks
  • Six days a week
  • 20 minutes a day
  • No weights, your own bodyweight and a step is used
  • There is a modifier
  • Shot in “real time”

Ok LADIES here is the real honest truth, I was TERRIFIED when I got word of being chosen for this TEST GROUP!! It's such an honour to be chosen, but I had NO DESIRE to...

Where are my Emotional Eaters at??

health and wellness Nov 01, 2018

That’s me! I can admit it. Food seems to fix everything for me. Happy, Sad, excited, depressed…a bottle of wine and a bowl full of snacks PERFECTION!

That is also how I climbed my way up to 213lbs after a turbulent first marriage — and divorce.

I found myself single again at 23, single and really INSECURE about my weight. It had sky rocketed…and I knew, it I didn’t do something about it…well my fear, I’d be single forever! I know…dramatic…but that is truly how I felt at the time!

SO I DUG IN…I researched and I was DETERMINED to shed some pounds!! I started making small changes! SIMPLE CHANGES! Nothing drastic.

AND that is WHY I am SO excited about the 2B Mindset Program, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Ilana Muhlstein, has created an easy to follow program for YOU to follow too! This program is going to change your life!

This is EXACTLY how I went about losing my weight…long before I was a coach, long...


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