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Mondays are for Motivation.

mindset Dec 30, 2018

As we close out 2018, I'm sure there are many furiously writing lists of goals, brainstorming how to make 2019 better!

Some are mocking resolutions, however our mental lists are a mile long…we don't want to admit it, but things we'd hoped for last year but didn't happen, are taking up some head space again!

Those dreams that are deep down inside, brushed off daily because we've convinced ourselves we can never achieve them…

Yet the dream hasn’t died, it’s still there…still in our hearts!

Greatness is a decision available to everyone. Achieving big dreams isn’t just for power people, the better educated, the ELITE…or privileged…achieving greatness is a choice and it’s available to YOU, to me…to anyone!

Sometimes it can be easy to get stuck in a mindset that holds us back and stops us from going for it!

In the first of my “Best Year Yet” Motivation Monday series, check out this inspiring video from...

My Top Personal Development Books

mindset Dec 27, 2018

My 2018 TOP PICKS!

You asked, I delivered!! So many requests for this, and considering I have a WHOLE stack of NEW BOOKS to read, I couldn’t think of a better time to give you my fav picks from 2018!!


The Desire Map- Danielle Laporte

Captivate- Vanessa Van Edwards

Hungry for More- Mel Wells

Like She Owns the Place- Cara Alwill Leyba

Choose Wonder over Worry- Amber Rae

The Morning SideKick Journal- The Habit Nest

Girl Wash your Face- Rachel Hollis

Grace not Perfection- Emily Ley

Hands Free Life- Rachel Macy Stafford

100 Days to Brave- Annie F Downs

TOP TOP TOP book of all time that I READ and REREAD!!
THE MAGIC—— Rhonda Byrne

I WOULD LOVE to hear the books that have impacted YOU this YEAR!!

Are you always looking for ways to improve, to get better...to lead a happier and healthier life??

This has been the BEST thing I have ever done for myself!

Get up 30 mins earlier and just FEED yourself with positivity....we call it...

Hibernating over Hustling!

mindset Dec 21, 2018

I’m choosing HIBERNATING over HUSTLING this year!
Is anyone else NOT feeling overwhelmed this season??

BECAUSE I am just feeling SO awesome for the first time in a LONG LONG time…since Dec 21st 2016 to be exact…

This seems to be the season where we DO MORE. Shop More, Spend More, Eat More and if you are like me even WORK MORE…more more more….I will be the first to admit in years past I operated on one gear and that was GO GO GO gear! In fact my whole life has been at a fast clip…whatever I did it was a ENERGIZER BUNNY SPEED!

This year though I’m not having it…I have done a TON of work on myself, and realized, to really enjoy life you actually have to LIVE it, be IN IT ya know?

I am LUCKY, unlike the first 20+ years of my working career I’m now HOME for the holidays — quite literally … but that actually has its own set of issues, work is always here too! But I feel different this season.

I can’t wait...

The TRUTH about my weekend!

mindset Nov 23, 2018

TRUTH: I ate and drank whatever I wanted over the weekend!
Wine, cheese, bread, crackers, popcorn—some fancy chocolate things that cost a fortune at Starbucks…basically whatever…& I started this week 5lbs heavier than when I left.

Why do you care…well you maybe don’t—but I know some of you are just like I was! And this would have sent you into a week full of ridiculous habits, starving yourself, self loathing and guilt!

This is where the biggest change has happened for me! I feel no guilt, I had a TREAT FILLED (notice I don’t say CHEAT) weekend!

I love food, I love wine & cheese nights with my husband and I am not perfect and don’t need to be!!

My goal is to be HAPPY AND HEALTHY and that includes daily workouts, eating healthy to nourish my body and being a positive influence on my daughter so she sees what HEALTHY looks like…that includes all the really good choices, but it also includes the FUN!!

Wanna get HIGH?

mindset Oct 24, 2018

Wanna get a natural high?
Try being yourself and owning it!

Let’s just start this by saying…this has been my BIGGEST weakness my whole life!
C O N F I D E N C E! Or lack there of!!
I just didn’t have it.

I’ve been a spinning top for most of my life…looking here and there, at this person and that person…why are they skinnier…what if I looked like that, how are they so successful, how did they get chosen before we did, ok I will do that…SO MUCH WASTED TIME — comparing — me to them!

And then I knew I had to change…because the spinning…the overwhelm…and the last straw, something that brought me to my knees.
I stood there frantic…my heart was pounding, she’s BETTER THAN ME…she’s better at this, I’m a failure…look at what she’s doing —- and right then like a perfect storm, I looked up and saw 2 hazel eyes staring at me—I knew she thought I had...

Who Are You Hanging Out With?

mindset Oct 20, 2018

What the hell!!

Called a bad mom, told I was too chubby to share a picture on my page, and that I would NEVER EVER be as good as her, so why bother trying!!

You know I don’t like to call people out…but in this case I think it’s necessary, so youCAN PROTECT YO feelings too!

Ladies be careful when you’re hanging with….


The person saying all those nasty things to me…it was me!!

The negative self talk that rolls around in my head ON THE DAILY!!!

YUP even me…it happens, I’m working on it—and YOU SHOULD TOO!!

CAUSE there is always someone watching…they can tell how you are feeling, reacting…and I don’t EVER want this girl talking to herself like that!!



LORDIE LORDIE, have I been hit with some nasty today!!

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